Sunday, November 15, 2015

My '26 Ford "T" Coach here at home.....progress report....

I don't usually do blog posts on my projects...I usually leave that to my facebook page however, I've had several messages asking how the "T" is coming along.  At one point I was going to do a complete build photo series, but I have over 200 photos of this project.  I may do another on how the body was chopped and shortened.  Anyway...I will start with a photo of where the body was found.  The one with primer on the right is the one I chose, but had to buy two bodies to get the four doors the seller had plus other parts.  
As I always say in these sure to click on all the photos at least once and if you get a + sign click again for super large.

This is how the body looked in June and early July of this year(2015).  I had some health issues and had actually started to loose interest in the project somewhat.   As I was contemplating this, I decided I would actually have to hire someone to help me with some of the body work, in particular adding a bondo skin to the whole car to get it ultra straight.

This is the rear 3/4 shot.....most of the difficult metal work was done, but it needed the bondo skin which I could not do due to the back issues I was having.

Here's how we got a huge number of the small dents out....using a pin welder and pulling them out...What a great tool for doing this...I had done the same on my model "A" project about 10 years ago.

As luck would have it....I met Kristofer Reiner, as I had known his father Kevin from local cruises.  Kristofer is a young and very talented apprentice body man who has great hands on experience working in a local body shop and doing rust work...and not just gluing panels on like so many shops do today.  Kristofer and I hit it off quite well, so I hired him to help with the project.  Kristofer not only helped me with the block sanding and skinning, but gave me the incentive to finish this project to the end and not give up on it....I owe him a huge bout of gratitude for that alone.

Here's Christofer looking quite happy that he took on this project!
Here he is again checking on some of "my" work.

The body is starting to look pretty good here........

....and here too......    ......NEXT...Primer!!

Here it is after a coat of Epoxy primer and three coats of high build primer.......

...and now the doors and dash....
doors and dash

Here's Kristofer looking pretty proud of himself after the job was finished...and so well deserved.  From raw metal to this in about 5 weeks part time.  Great job Kristofer.

Having our beer toast now that all the "HARD" work is finished.  Thank You....
Coincidentally we both had Canada Day shirts on....☺

....Now with the doors on........

I don't do any garage work in the winter months anymore for health getting it this far was more than I had hoped for this year.  My fabulous painter Shaun Hopkins suggested that I paint the firewall my colour and put the body back on the chassis in primer, as he will paint the body on the chassis after all the block sanding is done next spring.  
I  completed all the undercarriage including brake lines, fuel lines and the exhaust system before we put the body back on the chassis as well.  So here is the custom's called "Thai Teal", and very similar...well maybe a bit richer than the '55 to '57 Chevy colour "Sea Foam Green"
The Chassis ready for the body.

Here is my favourite view of the car.  There will be no red wheels in the end...they will be painted the body colour, or maybe Chrome Reverse will be added later.

Nerf Bar and twin tailpipes...

Passenger's side....

Now...the best story is here at the end of this post.  
I built the custom dash from a 1941 Chevrolet dash......cutting an molding it to fit....however in January of 2014 my friend Dennis Winko and I attended the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona California....which had been #1 on my bucket list for years.  Very talented guys were pin-striping panels to auction off and raise funds for Ronald McDonald House in Cali.  They also said you could bring a panel of your own and make a I had Shaun Hopkins quickly paint the glove box door gloss black so I could take it with me.  As you can see in these next two pictures that the glove box door is pin-striped and also autographed by none other than "George Barris" (RIP) George just passed away early last week.....and another famous hot rod and custom car builder Gene Winfield.  We also documented the autographing and so glad we did as you will see.......

The '41 Chevy Dash narrowed 7" and shortened 8" front to back.  That's not the final steering will be a two tone black and teal Corvair wheel.

The first picture here is Rick Malicoat who did the beautiful striping job.  Thank you Rick.

Here is Gene Winfield signing the glove box door at his booth at the GNRS in Pomona, 2014...with some very interested onlookers.

Thank you Gene........what a great guy!!

Dennis and I found George Barris and his grandson out judging cars and I cornered him to sign the dash piece.....he was very gracious about it.  Thank you George.

Finally....Dennis and I spent part of a day after the GNRS was over back at George Barris' shop for a tour.  We enjoyed being there very much and meeting George for the 4th time for me was quite a pleasure.  We'll miss you George....RIP.  
NOTE: thanks for watching HR&J....the next post will be more CLE racing in Fort William, Ontario

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

LEST WE FORGET.....WE WILL REMEMBER.....on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.......

Remembrance Day 2015

All gave some.......some gave all.

     Below is a photo of my father (in the blue square) at 23 years old in the Remnants division, 2nd Ack Ack Battery, Royal Canadian Army, Canadian Army in Victoria BC on July 20th 1942.  At this time these soldiers were guarding the fleet in the Victoria BC harbour from possible attack after Pearl Harbor.      My father Jon was one of the lucky ones....after Victoria and after some time in England he was able to return to his family after the war years to live a long life here in Fort William and Port Arthur.  He just passed away this past January at the ripe old age of 95.

Next is one of two incredible photo/postcards of the Algonquin Regiment on their way down the hill on Arthur Street (now Red River Road) in Port Arthur heading to the CPR train station, June 14, 1941...and then off to war..... 
Click on photos to enlarge...

This is what the corner on Arthur (Red River Road) and Water Street looks like today.  The only recognizable building is the pillar on the old Pagota tourist building.

The soldiers of the Algonquin Regiment are about to board the Canadian Pacific Railway on Water Street in Port Arthur in 1941.  I can't imagine what these young soldiers were thinking of as they head off to war leaving their families behind never knowing if they would ever return.
On the left is the Hydro terminal in Port Arthur still visible in the present day photo below.

The Photo of the CPR Station long gone now would have been located right in the middle of what is now 4 laned Water Street.  Off to the left is the Hydro terminal as in the photo above.

A little picture of my chubby self at about 11 months old on VE Day, May 8th 1945 back in Fort William on my grandparents steps holding the British and American flags.  VE day (Allied Victory in Europe).

The following are a few WWII posters mainly British and Canadian.

Much scrap metal was brought in and donated to the war effort here in Canada, the USA and England.  Certain small countries such as Holland have very few Vintage Automobiles left over from the 1930's as the Nazis confiscated all their metal for their war effort before Holland was liberated.  (The Holland story told to me by Dirk Regter of the Model T World Tour).

 Canadian Car and Foundry in Fort William played a huge part in the war effort building planes with many Rosie the Riveters working diligently while their husbands, sons and boyfriends were off to fight for our country.
A few more posters follow.  Many posters made use of Adolf Hitler's persona to advertise for such things as buying War Savings Certificates and Bonds.

This last poster sums up .... The Meaning of Sacrifice!

WE WILL FOREVER REMEMBER..............2015

Thursday, October 29, 2015

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2015 - Vintage Halloween magazine ad's and memories from our home towns of Fort William and Port Arthur, Ontario

Halloween is almost here....then Christmas....geez, it seems like I just put our tree away.
     For you Americans, us Canadians have already had our Thanksgiving turkey, and after Halloween there's nothing to look forward to until Christmas.  Enjoy Halloween with your kids and show them this post so they can see what our old Halloween days were like. my new friend on TV "Draculac".  He is a 1950 Cadillac that you don't want to meet Halloween night....

Just seeing this old portable TV reminded me of our old DuMont blond wood black and white TV.

Some Halloween shows we saw back in the day.  Actually The Addams Family and The Munsters were regular series....and not just shown at Halloween.

The Munsters were my favourite, because they had George Barris' wild custom car creations, the Munster Coach and Drag-u-la.....and of course we built those models back in the day.  They are still available on the market.

Here's a picture of myself taken by my friend Dennis when we were at George Barris' shop in Los Angeles last year.  Met George of course...more pictures of him and the Batmobile on another post.
     Here's an old Halloween TV week cover from the 1960's telling us more of what we watched then.
Halloween was used to advertise more than just candy in the day...Check out this great Texaco PT anti-freeze ad telling us to get prepared for WINTER....brrrrrrrrr.

Add caption

A 50 year old Halloween tradition, UNICEF in Canada came to an end in 2006.  The orange box change collections were more costly than they were worth, as coin counting etc. for this program became too labor intensive, and in later years we here in Canada stopped the production of the copper penny.  The decision has been very critical, as kids felt good about what they were doing.  Apparently the UNICEF program still continues in the United States.  
So, in the day Casper the friendly ghost advertised for UNICEF as seen with this comic cover.

If you were ever lucky enough to get a bottle of soda pop in your halloween bag, it was probably the best treasure of the Coca Cola didn't waste any time advertising the fact. 

 ........Here's some Halloween Treat advertisements from back in the middle of the 20th sure to click on all the pictures for enlargements......

This old Wrigley's Spearmint Gum ad was from the early 1920s, and was a very popular advertisement that you might see in a Streetcar.

Then there were other companies that used Halloween for commercial use such as Jello and Heinz

Remember buying Halloween Horror sound on vinyl records?...I think I still have one or two around the house.

Lets go to YOUTUBE and see if we can find some sound on the arrow.....

I know its a long post....I hope you are enjoying it though...........
The next ads that used Halloween for commercial use were of course Booze and Cigarettes.

This Old Gold US cigarette ad is pretty bizarre...........

A couple of old Kresge five and dime ads, mainly for the prices, and those Peanut Clusters don't look very appetizing in black and white.

Finally a great old "Abbott and Costello meets Frankenstein" film poster and the lobby card as well....scroll down to view the original trailer for this movie.
Hope you enjoyed our 2015 Halloween post.....keep checking back and head into HR&J's archives for hundreds of great stories and photos.