Thursday, August 16, 2012

Early Grain Elevators at Fort William Ontario...Elevator A & B and N.M. Patterson...

Instead of re-writing the following post, a new post is now submitted correcting the story of the A&B Elevators.  Everything else in this post is correct.  Thank You!
Most of the following photos are courtesy of Linda Ryma.  They belonged to her Grandfather Alexander Walsh and were taken by Nelson Merrifield APSA(Associate of the Photographic Society of America).  By comparing the photos, the first few are Elevator A & B which were located at the eastern most end of Victoria Avenue in Fort William Ontario.  The photos from Linda were taken in the early 1950's. 
Noted directly on the says A & B.  Here is the Seaway Queen loading grain with a number of 1950's cars in the foreground helping to date the photo.

This is a photo of Victoria Ave in Fort William in the early 1940's near the corner of May and Victoria Ave.  Further in the distance you can see a large elevator at the foot of Victoria Ave and by maps and data they were called Elevator A&B.

Here's the Sir James Dunn loading grain at the same location.

The James Whalen shown at the left in the same slip as above and the James Whalen permanently docked at the old CPR pier on the Kaministiquia River for all to see at any time Winter and Summer.  The James Whalen at the left also states "United Towing and Salvage on the hull.

This looks like a group of fishermen or workers heading out of the Elevator slip...note no life jackets to be seen!

Below:  A Whaleback Steamer at the Elevator...explanation to the right!
Click on the above and all other photos to enlarge them!

Here are two more era photos, one from the 1940's and one from BC(before cars) both showing the large elevator at the eastern end of Victoria Ave.  The black and white photo below is a close up of the one above with a street car, near the old Commerce Bank building in Fort William.

These two photos are of the original A&B Elevators taken in about 1900.

This is how the eastern end of Victoria Ave looks today without the spectacular
Elevators on the skyline.

This is a photo of the large N.M. Patterson & Sons elevator taken from beneath the swing bridge at the southern end of James Street in West Fort William.

This is a colour photo of the NM Patterson & Sons elevator taken from the top of the swing bridge, showing the Algosoo steamship from Sault Ste Marie and the Western Terminal Elevator in the distance.
Swing Bridge
This final photo was taken recently from the southern end of the swing bridge in West Fort William, Ontario showing the empty property where the Patterson elevator was.
A big thank you to Linda Ryma for the use of the photos.  Linda also loaned HR&J some other photos which will be used in a different post at a later time.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Port Arthur Ontario Centennial 1857-1957 plus 55 more years....

It sure is wonderful that my parents saved so many things through the years.  The fact that just last week was Port Arthur, Ontario's actual 155th birthday went by without a tweet(no pun intended) in the local news media.  The button to the left is in mint condition and also the program itself which made it through many years in boxes and drawers and survived the last 55 year test of time.  The actual programme of what went on 55 years ago is below, so be sure to click on it and all the other photos to enlarge them to reading size.

We sure did celebrate much more in those days as defined by this 8 day programme.

Many pages from the program were used for local advertising of the day, and its nice to see what those buildings look like in today's standards, as shown by these two photos.  The colour photo to the right is from google earth and was taken in the summer of 2009.

The ad above is of course S. J. Hill and Sons Ltd as it looked in the early 1930s and also as it looked in the early 1850's.  They also sold Ramblers at their American Motors Nash Division Dealership's here in Port Arthur and Fort William.
This is the present day building at S. J. Hill and Sons used car
lot on May and Dease street in Fort William.

This is the present day building of the
Fort William dealership.

This is the approximate present day area
of the Port Arthur Dealership on the
corner of Strand and Red River Road.

This of course is the original Port Arthur Town Hall with location as stated under the photo.

The following two photos are from the 1950's and also present day.  By clicking on the pictures to enlarge them you can see Birks Stitt Jewellers on the left with Corporal Taxi to its left on the Court and Arthur Street corners as noted above.
The following picture is the corner of Court and Arthur Street(now Red River Road) showing more than a 150 year transition at the same location.

Simpsons-Sears and Eatons were the mainstay of business here in Fort William and Port Arthur for many years including such other places as Chapples Limited in Fort William.   

Reid's Tire and Battery on Bay Street...the building still exists today

The following ads are all from the 1957 Centennial program booklet mainly to tweak your memory back to some good old days in our once great on-their-own cities of Fort William and Port Arthur, here at the head of the lakes. 

Shop-Easy was another well known Grocery Store here.
Most of the small box stores were soon to be bought out or
sold to whoever was larger, eventually leading to bigger box
stores such as Walmart, K-Mart, Zellers, and Super Store.

CFPA was originally at the site of
the present day CKPR radio and
Television at 87 N. Hill Street.
The Mariaggi Hotel also known as the Marina Inn was demolished
to make room for the Provincial Government building across from
the present day Marina Park.

Remember the original Scollie's was actually
on Catherine Street in Fort William long before
the latter day ice cream bar which was on the
corner of Walsh and Waterloo in Fort William.

Finally it is an ad from the original Loblaws store which was located in the intercity area before the massive renovation had started.  This was my actual first real job in 1961, and at $14.00 a week, I had a car, a girl-friend and extra bucks in my pocket...
I still don't know how I did it.