Monday, May 2, 2016

A 1950's Canadian Tire Story in our home town of Fort William Ontario.....(Thunder Bay since 1970)

This post is relatively short compared to the last few posts but I feel that this is a stand alone story from our Hot Rods and Jalopies era.
If one waits long enough, a picture that you've been waiting for will always turn up.  This mid 1950's photo is the Canadian Tire Corporate Store which was once on 235 Simpson Street now part of the old Adanac Hotel (The Addy).  The only giveaway today is the window configuration on the second floor.  The address later became 235-237 Simpson Street after an addition.  I'm sorry, but I can't recall the source of the first photo.

This is how the building looks now at 235 Simpson Street on Google Maps. 

Pertaining to this same location, this Times Journal news clipping is from June 18, 1957.  It is pretty self explanatory,  so....... click on it and all the other pictures to enlarge them enough to read. 

CTC Vintage Emblem

1957 receipt from the Simpson St
We all saved these.....

Check this page from a 1960's Canadian Tire Parts catalog.  WOW...Chrome wheels $23.95 and a floor shift conversion kit for less than that.

Hope you enjoyed this little post.....thank you for all your emails and continued interest in my blog pages.... Dave