Monday, October 28, 2013


Happy Halloween a few days early....Enjoy these little seasonal ghoulish tidbits during the week and tell your friends to come and take a look.  When you get to the end, be sure to click on the links to see other years of Halloween here on HR&J.  Scroll down to see them all and click for enlargements.
Actor Woody Allen once said "‘I’m not afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens."

We have to have a hot rod of some sort on this post.  Here is a great old Halloween post card with a pumpkin driving a witch in a watermelon hot rod with limes for wheels....HOW COOL IS THAT?

Here are a couple of REAL scary ones.  This first Lucky Strike one says, "The way this Jack-o-lantern smiles, you'd almost think that he could really taste the Lucky Strike he's lighting up for me."  The second on says that Old Gold cures just one thing....The World's Best Tobacco....doesn't even make sense.
These old characters on this old Wrigley's Spearmint ad are scary enough on their own let alone on a Halloween advertisement.

Here's a little take off on an old product called "Miss Clairol"....does the Werewolf use it or not....LOL


......And here is Jack Pierce doing a wonderful job coloring Lon Chaney's hair....uh FUR....
Only a Werewolf knows for sure.

This next one stands out as one of the strangest commercial ad's I've ever seen!!
They're using really weird looking kiddies, smoking Duke of Durham....or maybe they are chewing it....By the looks on their faces, "they're chewing".

This is a real odd collection of doll heads....scares the hell out of me!!!
The witch here looks like Little Red Riding Hood with a black cat!
One more witch post card.  In the early 1900's people would send 1 cent post cards out on pretty much every occasion.  I have seen many different ones like these.....very colorful and old timey for sure!
Gotta love Boris....there's no voice quite like his!

Here are a couple more films that made me cover my eyes at the old Royal Theatre back in the day!  Be sure to click on the links at the end for other year's posts.
Always a sexy looking gal being carried off by the monster....
and WOW....its in 3D....remember the old green and red
cellophane lens cardboard 3D glasses?

GEEZ......would you actually let your little kid dress up like this...then have her look at herself in the could surely have a lasting impact....then again don't a lot of teens dress this way every day of the week...LOL!
Here's a real hokey Rat Fink costume from the 1960s, that doesn't do Ed Roth's creation any justice.  You'd have to get Ed himself to build you a costume to really look like his "Mickey Mouse" alter ego "Rat Fink".  Rat Fink was and still is a noted Hot Rod icon to this very day, thanks to artist and "weird" car creator Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.
 This is how Ed's creation should look....flies all over and wierd as hell!  I love Rat Fink!

Be sure to click on EACH of the following posts to see other Halloween years on Hot Rods and Jalopies, then come back.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! final scare!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Joey(Joe) Cooper and Ray Charles Texaco, Fort William Ontario days......

This story is not about me, but I managed to get into a couple of photos here with Joey(Joe) Cooper, as back in the day 1958 Joe was always my push mobile(buggy) driver, so gear heads - even started way before this first picture was taken.  As you will see later in this post, Joe later worked for our good friends to this day, Charlie Miller and Ray DeFoy at Ray Charles Texaco.  Charlie and Ray and of course the Kettering brothers and all the other stock car jockeys had a high hand in turning us regular kids into car freaks, hot rod nuts, or as we affectionately call ourselves gear-heads.
You will occasionally see same photos throughout my blog posts, but are published to fit into different stories.  Click on all for enlargements.
Dave Cano and Joey Cooper Summer of 1958 and typically the photo was developed much later.

The photo on the left is a 55/56 Pontiac Coach many of which we destroyed at Riverview Raceways in the late 1960s.  This was of course one of "Cheatin" Charlie Miller's early stock cars being shown at a car show in the Fort William Gardens in the late 1960's.  The '57 Chevrolet on the right with both myself and Joe has been on this blog many times already, but as you can tell, I really like the photo....LOL
In those early years, Charlie used the old Barry Kettering paint scheme and also his number during those years.
This next car is a bit of a mystery because even Charlie can hardly remember it.  It would likely be a 1969 car, as the service station would later become "Charles" Texaco.  The two guys standing behind the #57 car are unknowns but my guess would be Finn Sorensen on the left and "Boots" Wagh on the right.....correct me if I'm wrong.
This next photo is a very cool early Riverview Raceways Fall Championship race, possibly in 1969 as well due to the fact that it says "Charles" Texaco again on the push truck.  I am not too sure who's sprint car is being pushed.  Another sprint car is also being push started by the Lakeside Husky tow truck. 

Well, here he is, Mister Texaco, Joe Cooper....a photo obviously taken early in his career at Ray Charles Texaco.  This one is the close-up and the next one will help us determine where it was taken.
This next picture is a larger/wider version of the former showing Joe in Ray Charles Texaco's office just waiting to get busy on an engine rebuild or waiting for the "ding-ding" to pump some gas.  The building outside the window and across McKellar Street from the service station is present day Philpot and Delgaty Insurance.  A few present day photos will help determine where this picture was taken exactly.

Here are the same little windows on the building today with added shutters

On the left is Philpot and Delgaty and on the right is Dave Knight Optical, formerly Ray Charles Texaco, on the present day corner of Victoria Ave and McKellar street.

 Looking north now from McKellar Street is Philpot and Delgaty on the right and the side of Dave Knight optical on the left.  The photo of Joe was taken from the office which would have likely been the furthest window shown on the Dave Knight building.
Here are a couple of links to check out about the Ray Charles Texaco address and another about Joe Cooper.
I sincerely hope that Joe is still talking to me after this post....not sure if he would have wanted this picture published or not.....Oh Well....It makes a great story anyway.
He and I thank Charlie Miller of Ray Charles Texaco fame for the great photos, and I thank Google for the rest.☺ ♪♪♫♪"Those were the days, my friend....I thought they'd never end!"♫♪♪♪♫