Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Canadian Lakehead Exhibition Track circa 1958

Here's an aerial view of our track which was in mid-town(Intercity). It gave way in later years to a huge golf dome and a Cineplex movie theatre. It was a half mile track with turn 2 bordering on a street and turn 3 and 4 along a river. Many jalopies climbed the street side ripping out yards of wooden fences and many others ended up in the drink at the other end. The fence was put up to stop onlookers from saving their 50 cents but the fence was never high enough as people would view the races from roof tops or their pickup trucks for free. Cheapskates or what!! The present city of Thunder Bay was actually 2 cities( Port Arthur and Fort William). They amalgamated in 1970 to form the new one larger city. To this day a 2 city rivalry still exists.

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