Wednesday, June 9, 2010

May 1976 Fort William Gardens I.S.C.A. Car Show....

I just recently purchased a slide convert slides to digital images. Look what I found in my archives of Lakehead photos. Here are 7 photos of the International Show Car Association car show that came to the Fort William Gardens in May of 1976. The pictures aren't perfect but locals should recognize the cars here as well as maybe their own. The pictures are very "warm" as most slide photos ended up this way. I did take these with my 35mm camera in the day but was not a pro by any means.

I recognize a few cars but I would like some input from the local guys and gals to try put names with the cars...please email me at to fill me in!

Here is Fonzie's motorcycle from the "Happy Days" TV show in front of the cool Merc. That puts these photos right on at 1976. Check out the wild custom here and the fast "Cop Rod" below! The local Fuzz could probably use one of these today too...LOL!

On the right here is a vintage I.S.C.A. decal from the earlier years.

Here is a current I.S.C.A. logo and also the Fort William Gardens logo! I.S.C.A. is still around but most people will recognize the "World of Wheels" car show circuit.

Here is how the Fort William Gardens looks today and if you click on the story to the right, thanks to Wikipedia....they spelled out some Fort William Gardens history as well as what may happen to this historic place as time goes on.....Here we go again Thunder Bay...tear down those historic buildings!!!
Click on photos to enlarge...some twice to get higher definition...Thanks!


Anonymous said...

missing as tenants are Fort William Beavers,Fort William Canadians & Hurricanes among others.
The reason for use of the auditorium is that those that perform there as that is the smallest size of crowd they will play for and the garden is to small for other band as it is under sized. what about bans such as Herman Hermits,Beach Boys,The Who,etc who played there. JSK

Dave said...

All this is very true...that was just a mini-history. If you want to know pretty much everything that happened at the Gardens...check out Dave Nicolson's web page at
This is very cool...Thanks, Dave

Dave Cano said...

I received this as an email today from "Willy"...the car in question is in the bottom right corner of the 2nd photo.

I was browsing on the web and came across your pictures of the 1976 car show at the Fort William Gardens and to my surprise a picture of my car was there. My car was a 1972 Chevy Vega black in color with the number 5380 on the door glass. In that show I did well. I won best competition car,best engine and people's choice. That car was my pride and joy featuring a 650 hp engine,tubbed out,narrowed 4.88 diff,wheelie bars B&M automatic. I raced this car in division5 NHRA at Brainerd. Minneapolis,and Northstar drag strips. I have many pictures still but seeing it on your web site was exciting. Thanks for the memories. Willy
...Thanks for the Email Willy...enjoyed posting this additional data...Dave