Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Makes a Legend....by Ron Limbrick....

Many coffee klatch discussions between friends of similar interests get very philosophical at times, and hot rod discussions with my friend Ron Limbrick and others at our meetings are no exception. Ron is a very meticulous and talented hot rod builder who has nothing to be shy about and everything to be proud of. I have known Ron since the early 1980's and get-togethers always bring out the best (or maybe the worst) in all in attendance. The following excerpt of a portion of Ron's philosophy on life is one I can't agree with more, or even change for that matter. This post definitely fits into the "Hot Rod" portion of these posts and may not be of interest to local historians, but Ron, born and raised right here at the Lakehead wrote this and I added a series of photos to help explain the philosophy. The photos below are shown in the same order they are stated in the article. Be sure to click twice on each portion of the article and also on the photos that follow, to enlarge them.

Here is a photo of Frank Lloyd Wright and the only service station he designed, located and still seen to this day in Cloquet, Minnesota, just south of Duluth. You can read more on Frank from this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Lloyd_Wright

Here is the infamous Dick Flint Roadster as it appeared in the May 1952 Hot Rod Magazine with a small photo of the car as it looks today.

Here are a couple of photos of the Granville Bros. Gee Bee R1, in flight and in a Museum.

A 1946 Offenhauser Midget Racer and the most beautiful Matranga Mercury.

Here's a small colour shot of the Matranga Mercury and the long snouted Baby Bootlegger.

Nothing can beat the styling and looks of a 1948 Indian Motorcycle with the pure flowing design. Next we have a 1951 Jaguar, in black with wide whites(All Ron's Favorite stuff). This particular one doesn't have the V10 Viper engine but of photo of it comes next.

Here's the V10 Viper, along side the Streamliner Locomotive. One can imagine a beautiful locomotive such as this huffing into a train station in the 1930's.

One more I can add to Ron's list is the General Motors 1950 Futurliner Bus designed by the legendary automobile designer Harley J. Earl. The next photo is the graphic on the tonneau cover of Ron's latest venture, "The Ghost Rider".

Here is "Ghost Rider" in the 99% finished mode, just as it was being loaded into Ron's trailer for a winter home in London, Ontario awaiting the Detroit Auto Show this February. The only things missing in these photos taken by our mutual friend Al Yahn are the tonneau cover and the full hood. What a wonderful machine...Kudos to Ron for capturing the true vintage "Look". Look for a construction post of this car in the new year.
Last but not least is Ron's '39 Ford Coupe in her full "Black" glory....can you guess what Ron's favourite colour is?? Great work Ron!! ...and thanks for your constructive opinions through the years....Dave
Again...click on photos to enlarge!

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