Wednesday, January 5, 2011


In tune with the season...I dug up some old winter photos to share with you....and a few summer ones too!

Here is a picture of my '55 Chevy SD taken in 1968 stored in the back yard of where our apartment was on Frederica St. My wife's Nebraska relatives couldn't believe that all that much snow accumulated here....and I told them it was just a drop in the bucket compared to other winters.
The summer shot of my '55 was taken in front of my home on Arthur Street where I lived until married. Across and running down the street were the CNR tracks, where the trains travelled down Arthur Street to the CN station on Vickers street. Also across the street is the St. Joseph's Orphanage(boarding school) and in the distance, my old Alma mater St. Pat's High School. Do YOU locals remember these places and things?

Here's my father-in-law(bless his heart) out in his shirt sleeves in the cold of winter as usual, sweeping off my black and red 327 powered '67 Chevy Impala. The photo was taken in 1968 and this is typical of the kind acts that pop Wayne always did for everyone through the years.
The next photo is of my Deuce, 1932 Ford 5window coupe taken in the winter of about 1992. It was a nice cold crisp day and I drove it down the street from my home to a bush area to take some photos.
In my driveway, circa 1983 is a winter shot of my 1914 Ford Depot Hack(CPR Express). We were getting it ready for a car show in Duluth, Minnesota.
Next is a November 1972 photo of my better half, holding my son Darren in the back yard of our apartment building in front of my VW and travel trailer. No, I didn`t pull the trailer with the Bug, I pulled it with my '67 Impala and later with my '71 Chevelle SS....note the SS wheels were put on my VW for the winter. I drove that BUG to work all winter long without a heater...none of those gasoline heaters ever worked anyway. By spring, there were about 30 worn out windshield scrapers on the floor...from using them on the inside of the windshield.
This is a wonderful snowman and builder shot taken on the corner of Lillie Street and Victoria Avenue in 1955. It is my friend Roger Rickards doing the build job. The photo looks west down Victoria Avenue. The large house right across Lillie Street is also shown in the next Google photo...note the trees around it now. In the B&W photo you can see two houses that look similar down the street, and the next photo below shows how those houses look today................

.........................................Low and behold, there's Roger on Christmas Day a couple of years ago and still playing in the snow in his own back yard.....Hey Roger, you nuts or what!!!
For those of you who live in the south during the winter months.....we have to show you how complacent we are with our cold weather..........We are truly TOUGH CANADIANS!!
Here is another of Roger's photos that he donated to HR&J. It is of his uncle Eddy McIntyre driving what looks like an old Ford Panel delivery truck for Bowlker Farms (fruit, flowers and vegetables). The photo was apparently taken around the Syndicate and Mary Street corner.
Next is an ad for the Kakabeka Falls View Hotel, taken from a 1940`s advertising booklet. This hotel used to sit near the edge of Kakabeka Falls on the north side near where the parking lot is today.
Here is an older shot of Kakabeka Falls completely frozen over circa 1940, and the final shot is Kakabeka Falls taken only a week or so before Christmas 2010, both showing it`s icy splendor. Kakabeka Falls is about 18 miles west of Thunder Bay and has been a tourist attraction for a few hundred years, long before the logs were sent crashing down towards the Lakehead cities of Port Arthur and Fort William. I will be doing a post in coming months just on Kakabeka Falls. Thanks again to Roger Rickards for some of these photos....
Be sure to click on all pictures to enlarge them(some twice)!!


Lex said...

I loved the CPR express. Cool views of Victoria. Forwarded this blog to a friend. His parents' house is the blue one.

Dave said...

Thanks Lex...I did too! Would have been nice to keep them all, but each one had to be sold to pay for the next one!! D.