Friday, July 8, 2011

Barry and Johnny.......

Here is an interesting tidbit.  You will notice in the 1961 B&W photo that above the door on this service station it says none other than Barry Kettering as the proprietor.  Incorrect data in information received about this story.....corrected in the blog post link below. - (This building was located at 520 North May Street.  The interesting information is that this station was soon to become Johnny's Texaco which belonged to Johnny Zatti.)  Barry and Johnny were brothers-in-law.  The address on google today shows this empty lot which is just to the north of Thunder Country Diving and Rollie's Cigar Shop on May Street.  New Data corrects the above information click here to see the story....

Here are a couple of matchbook covers from Johnny's Texaco both from the same era as the B&W photo above. The MA in front of the first matchbook cover stood for Mayfair, later to become 6-2 in front of all 5 digit numbers. The second cover here was from 1960 just before the Mayfair thing started.

This is a typical ad that you would see in the local newspapers in the late 1950's.  What great entertainment was offered for a dollar for adults and 50 cents for kids.

Here is Barry as he looked after winning the 1958 Championship

Johnny as he appeared in a Newspaper ad in the mid 50's

Here's a nice photo of Johnny in front of his Texaco Station showing that Stock Car Racing wasn't his only sport!!

Barry - When he was driving his #47 car.....the #57 and the famed Red/White paint job came in the same year as his number...1957.

Johnny and (I'm not sure) his son?  Is it you Don?
Thanks to Don Zatti and Rene Kettering for some of these clips and photos.  Click on the following link to read more about Johnny's service archived in this blog site, then come back.
More interesting things about Barry Kettering to on all picture once or twice to enlarge.  Thanks for visiting........Dave


Anonymous said...

I remember that Texaco. Living on Brodie it was where we always went to fill up our bike tires as kids.

Anonymous said...

Ha. I believe the lad in the picture is one of my dad's (Don) cousins. John was my grandpa :)

Dave said...

Kaisa: I know Don but I've never asked if that was him...I often thought that it was though...Thanks much, Dave