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The Canadian Lakehead Exhibition 1947.......plus other year's events.......

With this year's local Canadian Lakehead Exhibition on August 10th, I thought it fitting to add some nostalgia to Fair Week.  The local Times Journal ad here was from 1947 with the Grandstand show being called "Cameos of 1947".  This ad has appeared in this blog before.  Note that the midway was the famed "Royal American Shows".  Grandstand entertainment was also Jimmy Lynch's "Death Dodgers" and a 1947 Mercury was given away to some lucky person in attendance.
 This original Canadian Lakehead Exhibition iron sign still exists on the CLE grounds.  From my collection here is a 1963 ticket stub when the fair ran a full 8 days

An original Canadian Lakehead Exhibition "Jimmie Lynch's Death Dodgers" poster is shown here from the Fort William and Port Arthur days. 

Two Royal American Shows posters from the day are shown here....note that they both state "Worlds Largest Midway"....and I believe they were right.  When our fairgrounds extended across the river, there were tons of rides, other midway attractions, and many other thrill shows.  I remember vividly that one of  Hitler's bullet proof cars were on display as well as oddities such as mutant animals and disfigured human beings.

 Here is what the giveaway car looked like in 1947.  One lucky person or family won this great family car.

Like most guys, their favourite midway ride was the bumper cars.  Dodgem was one of the popular brand names for some of the early cars.  Before you could ever get behind the wheel of your dad's car, you could drive one of these and run into anyone you pleased.  One would show off by running into the cute girl drivers the most.  These old bumper cars have become quite collectible in their own right today, as well as the old canvas banners as shown here.

A smile from ear to ear...........

NUNS on Dodgems....how quaint....Nuns have to have some fun too!!  Notice that they are all wearing cool shades so no-one can recognize them....... :-)

Here are some very old bumper cars reminicent of early midget racers.....

A good one on the left... :-)  This is what was allowed in California until January of 2010.   Old retrofitted bumper cars with chain drive Kawasaki engines and leather interiors were allowed on the street until it was noted that it was a mistake by field staff at the DMV and all registrations were revoked.....Only in America!   These cars no longer have California plates but were very cool all the same!
 Here is one incredible thrill show from the 1930's.  I remember seeing motorcycle and go-kart ones like these at the CLE in the 1950's

From my own collection, this is a typical late 1950's CLE Grandstand sign.  The Annex would be the area to the north of the Grandstand that wasn't covered.

This is also a typical view from the Grandstand during a Championship or race night event!
Here is an old 8mm preview Championship race that took place in the late 1950s showing the local hero's of the day.  Click on the little arrow on the left to start and click on the 4 arrow icon on the bottom right to enlarge to full screen. 
FINALLY...Here is a link to another post on this blog regarding the old CLE of past years...CLICK HERE http://hotrodsandjalopies.blogspot.com/2010/06/canadian-lakehead-exhibitioncoming.html
A huge thanks to all who donated photos and film clips to this post and many of the others!!
Be sure to click on all photos to enlarge them a bit.

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