Wednesday, November 23, 2011

KIISKILA'S SERVICE GARAGE in Port Arthur and other miscellaneous items.....

Here is a 1936 Calendar from Kiiskila's original location in Port Arthur Ontario. In the 1930's it was located on the corner of Bay and Algoma Street. The present location is shown in the small photo here.
Kiiskila's was also a distributor for their own "Molly Oil" which was well known in the area at that time. The address shown on the bottle was John Street and Empire(Empire was changed to Empress Street when Fort William and Port Arthur amalgamated). The building in the present day photo still exists on the same property. This was the last location of Kiiskila's Service. My step-mom's dad Werner Tapio, ran this station for quite some time in the 1940's and 1950's.


Below is an old ad from 1932 for a tire pressure gauge made by Schrader.....and in the picture to the right is the same unusual piece from my own collection with some old tire/tube valves.


Here is an old ad from about 1934 showing a Prestone Antifreeze can and reminding us all to get our cars ready for the winter months here in the North. Prestone and the Eveready Battery people were together at that time, later to branch out on their own, as shown on the cans in my collection here.

Below are a couple of different anti-freeze ads from the 1930's and it looks as thought the "Afflack" duck was taken from that ad.

One final part to this post is actually from a current issue of Reminisce Magazine which is a great bi-monthly publication for us nostalgia freaks. Dennis Adler has a cool little cartooney item in each publication and this one reminds us of some of the teenage antics from the 1950's.
Be sure to click on each photo once or twice to read them clearly.
Thanks for watching HR&J..........Dave.

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