Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Jalopies and Service Stations in Fort William Ontario.........

Sorry about the condition of this photo...This is how I got it...and love the patina.  This photo shows Jim Walker as the driver of this car and as you will see below, local driver Ross "Pappy" Fowler also drove this car, but not sure who totalled it.  The jalopy is parked on the north/west corner of Vickers St and Victoria Ave in the front of Marsonet Brothers Service Station(Red Marsonet proprietor).  This is the present day location of Breeny's and Apple Auto Glass.

Click on all pictures to enlarge them.  The colour photo is the present day location of the car above.  The jalopy above is parked about where the sign is.  To the right is a program photo of Jim Walker who also drove this car.

This is an ad from the 1953 Canadian Lakehead Exhibition racing program showing "Pappy" as the driver and a very nice "B-A all the way" ad.

Here is a nice little Fort William Times Journal Newspaper ad for Ace Tire and Battery Service and the colour picture at the same location is Harmer's Quality Auto Service.  Many Tire and Battery service centres were at this location over the years at the corner of May and Leith Streets.

The newspaper clipping says this lot was opposite the Flamingo Club.  The Flamingo Club at one time was "THE" place to go to have your special party or wedding reception.  A newer yellow brick building is there now.  Well.... I guess I'll date myself and say that my wedding reception was at the Flamingo Club before it got "skunky" and before it was torn down.

This is the present location of the Kam Motors used car lot above, on the corner of Dease and May Streets......Aw yes...this is the crime capitol of this area for 2011!!!!  ...The Mac's Store.

Conrad Trombelli ran Con's Service at the corner of May and Cummings Street in Fort William.  He also wrecked a few Deuce Coupe' know......1932 Ford Coupe's, immortalized by the Beach Boys Song "Little Deuce Coupe".  Here is Con's car on its lid as a pit steward looks on and waits for the tow wonder all steel '32 Ford Coupes are so rare today.........!!

Last but not least is where Conrad's White Rose station used to be back then.  More empty lots waiting to be turned into parking lots around the new Thunder Bay Courthouse I suppose.

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