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TOM DOW - Racing, Winning and Flying.....Part 2

This is a very familiar sight from 1953 where as a young kid I would sit in the grandstand at the old CLE track with my dad or my friends and always see Tommy Dow's Black and White '32 Ford 3-window coupe #2 in the first row on the left.  In the early years everyone had their specific pit spot. 
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This is a closeup of the first row on the left with Tom's car.  The graphic art to the right became the new(1953) Lakehead Stock Car Club logo which stuck around for many years.

Here is Tom on the left with a few of his young fans and another picture on the right showing the famed black and white #2 and a few more young fans, at pretty much the same age I was at that time. 
Always click on all the photos and articles once then twice for good closeups and also to be able to read the newspaper clippings.

The above Fort William Times Journal clipping is from the summer of 1954.
In the left photo bottom right is Tom receiving his trophy at the fall banquet in 1953 for his 33 second time trial track record.  In the photo on the right is Tom receiving the same award at the last race of the 1953 Season. 
To his left is the most popular driver for 1953, young Dick Bortolussi receiving his award as well.

Jumping to the end of the 1954 racing season is the following clipping of Tom receiving his award for capturing the 1954 Track Championship.....notably that the title was decided in the feature event of the last meet of the year.

                         This picture and the one below is Tom's -2 car as he attempts to
           start a new total "stock" class again after most drivers had been modifying their cars.

Jumping ahead to 1972 is the following article from the "Canadian Aviation Magazine" telling of Tom's escapade heading to India to purchase three Tiger Moths from the Madras Flying Club and also a load of parts, enough to assemble another, all to arrive in Thunder Bay in the spring of 1972(a little known story shared to us by Tom).  Very interesting for sure!

These are a few pictures of what a tiger moth trainer looks like.  Tom had them stored at the Kakabeka Flying Club until they were sold.

Here is a short film of a Tiger Moth in flight.........

This is Tom as he looks today with his 1922 Durant which he has been restoring.  Tom also owns a 1926 Whippet 2-door sedan and a 1924 Dodge Touring.  He is still very active to this day, working on his own cars doing mechanical work, restorations and painting.

Tom's 1922 Durant project.......

Tom and yours truly in his garage last year.

Many thanks again to Tom Dow for the great visit....It's almost time for another.  Thanks Tom for the use of your wonderful photos....some we will use in another post, and thanks again to Roger Rickards for helping set up the first visit.
Tom is an incredible guy and an inspiration to all us gearheads to never give up on your dreams.

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