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SODA POP, THE KING AND QUEEN, AN OLD LANDMARK, & Homes I lived in back then......

Here are some more then and now items starting off with The Kakabeka Falls Brewing Co. Ltd. here in Fort William Ontario beginning with Big "4" Line soda pop beverages distributed by the KB Falls Brewing Co.  This is a great logo that you may see with a diesel locomotive or a steam locomotive.  The bottles in my collection have silk-screened labels.   The picture below also shows a reverse colour label from Fort William, and another from Sudbury Brewing and Malting Co. Ltd.
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Big "4's"

Here is some Northern Breweries history and also the property as it looks today on the corner of Marks and Cameron St.  Clow Darling presently occupies the old brewery property.

The next items on this post refer to a Royal Tour back in 1939 by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I.  The tour as you can read here was from May 17 until June 15 back in 1939.

Here is the King and Queen as they arrived at the CPR station on Syndicate Ave. in Fort William Ontario.  In the background is the old Ogilvie Elevator which still stands to this very day.

The next photo is that of the King and Queen's motorcade turning south on Memorial Ave. from John Street road, and by clicking on these photos you may recognize some business establishments or houses that still exist to this day.  This things you see in the sky are all the overhead cables for the street cars that travelled these can be seen in the background waiting to get through.

The final colour photo here is how this same corner looks today.  Some of those tall peaked roof lines are visible in both photos.

The King and Queen in motorcade in front of Central School, the present day site of Patterson Park directly across from the new court house.

The King and Queen in their McLaughlin-Buick touring coach in front of the Pagota on Water Street in Port Arthur.

These next two photos are of the King and Queen signing the city register at the present day corner of May Street and William street just south of the river and across from the old fairgrounds(present day Silver City parking lot.  You can see the river to the left and the elevators in the background.  Either the "Welcome to Port Arthur" arch was not constructed by then or it is just out of the photo to the left.  One photo is an Internet photo and the other is a family photo...each a bit different.  You can just make out the corner of the old Canadian Lakehead Exhibition Grandstand to the right and near top of each photo. 

The picture here shows the exact angle the two photos above were taken.  Even though the wire fence was probably taken down and removed many times in the still looks the same.

Here is a story of the McLaughlin- Buick that King George VI and Elizabeth I used on their tour above. Click On.
NEXT:  I am reversing the order of the following two photos to show the huge difference in this piece of property. 
We all know this as the present day Kam River Park, but it was once a very bustling place.  It used to be the Canadian Pacific Railway freight sheds.  I spent many a day as a kid riding my bicycle down here to see all the beautiful cruise ships that came and went such as the S.S. Assiniboia and the S.S. Keewatin. 

Kam River Park

Here is a wonderful photo of my future mother-in-law with a friend(circa 1940), standing on the pier and behind them is the Canadian Pacific Railway freight sheds and further in the distance is one of the cruise ships mentioned above and also Elevator "B" which would have been at the foot of Victoria Ave.

Next and Finally for this post - "HOUSES" then an now!

The above photo is of the first home my parents purchased at 432 E. Francis Street in Fort William, and this is how it looks today.  It's the only house in the area that has that strange little sloped roof-line in the front.  When we lived there, it had a dug-out basement and I thought it was pretty cool that I could go downstairs and play with my toy cars all winter long.

This is the last photos on this post and showing the home we lived in on Arthur Street in Fort William until I was married.  The old photo above has my dad's '52 Chevy in front with my little sister peering out the window.  I remember actually taking this photo myself in about 1954 and standing pretty much on the train tracks to take it.  The steam engines ran right up Arthur street in those days.  I helped my father build an upper level in the house which would be my own bedroom.

A BIG THANK YOU to all those who loaned or donated photos to this post, previous posts and ones yet to come.  A blog such as this could not happen without great PHOTOS! ☼☼☼

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