Sunday, December 29, 2013

21 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 wishes for all of you....

To all our friends and followers.....The countdown has begun.....In 2014, believe in yourself and you will achieve your every desire.  Reminisce on your past but move forward to a better future with good friends, good health, peace and prosperity from all of us at Hot Rods and Jalopies.
The next 11 post cards are Happy New Year wishes all having your typical early 1900's jalopies as the main theme.  Be sure to click all photos to enlarge them.

How important the horse was even after the motor vehicle was invented!

A cold evening's ride in your old tin lizzie.
The "new" letting go of the "old".
Decorated with roses.

Making noise bringing in the New Year.
4-leaf clovers and horse shoes for Good Luck!


Bringing in January 1st.
Bringing in the NEW!

Children drinking and driving - an "old" twist on New Years......odd for sure!

I really enjoy these old pin-up girl photos...pretty gals bringing in the New Year.

This next one looks somewhat like a child's card bringing in 1937.....way before I was born ☺

Lucile Ball and Desi Arnaz bringing in the New Year back in the 1950's, and again Lucile Ball with Bob Hope in a similar time frame.

Now....Here are the Three Drunk Stooges back in the day having a great time on New Years Eve, but word has it that they never drank and drove.....well we can pretend...........because the big message is the one below this picture

You know how you will feel the next day anyway!!!!!!


Dave Cano said...

An email sent to me today Dec 30/13 from a great guy George Rogers in Winnipeg.

Dear Dave..
I want to thank you once again for another great year of HR&J. It's probably the website I most enjoy. My brother, to whom I occasionally refer some of your material, has described you as a "local treasure."

I've particularly enjoyed your recent seasonal posts. The gas station toys reminded me of one my cousin David Corbett received for Christmas. What I recall most clearly about his was that when you ran one of the cars up to the gas pump it passed over an imbedded metal strip and played a somewhat mechanical-sounding "gas and oil please." The pictures you posted of Roger's Christmas make me realize that I am still not too old to feel jealous of another kid's toys. He made out like a bandit! And, finally, I appreciated the special Christmas bonus treat you hid in behind Eartha's Santa Baby recording. Those patient enough to listen through to the end are rewarded by some great Hot Rod racing footage, as well as soap box derby and who knows what else?

All the best to you and Rosemary (sweet picture of you two under the tree in '62) and best wishes for a great New Year. Hope you can continue to make time to keep up your wonderful site.

George Rogers

Dave Cano said...

Thanks again George...I still can't believe it's been 5 years since HR&J started publishing.
As mentioned in my email to's wonderful folks like you that keep me going on this.
Happy New Year everyone, Dave