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The Untouchables Car Club - The Northern Ontario Timing Association - MEMORIES OF THE 1960's in our own home town....

As a past member of the Northern Ontario Timing Association, it is a pleasure to bring this post to everyone with tremendous thanks to Dennis Winko for the great article, Art Lee, and Gary Ager for the wonderful photos and information.    .....Dave
We ask that you PLEASE do not copy these photos to another blog or facebook page, as they are from a private collection. Thank You.

These are the club cards that were handed out to people that were assisted by members of the Untouchables and later the NOTA.

The following article in its entirety was written by my friend Dennis Winko, originally to be published in the "Old Cars" newspaper a number of years ago and never was.  Thanks Den for holding on to it all these years.  This is a "must read" not just for car enthusiasts but for anyone interested in local history.  Click on all pages and photos below (sometimes twice) for screen size enlargements..... We apologize that some print is fuzzy in some articles.  Put on your bifocals. 

           Above is Art Lee's Untouchables Car Club Jacket in the window of his Oldsmobile.
The following three 1963 pictures are of the "Untouchables Car Club" in a 1963 Winter Carnival parade.  The photos (thanks to Art Lee) were taken near the corner of Finlayson and Simpson Street across from the then original Gilbert's furniture store. 
This truck belongs to Brian Koski.

Above are some members of The Untouchables Car Club - left to right are Eddie Neimi, Joey Doles, Vic Amadeo, Terry Cuff, Ron MacDonald, Terry Christianson, Bobby Nichols, Jack Mallon, Wayne Cameron, Brian Koski and Ed Bottan.
NOTE - The Gilbert's Furniture store across the street.

In this photo left to right is Jack Mallon, Ken Hacio and Art Lee.  The '34 Ford on the float belongs to Ken Hacio.

     The photo on the left is how the property across the street in the above photos look today, actually just before "Music World Academy" took over the property from Gilbert's furniture.


The photo on the right (once posted already to HR&J) is a Lakehead Stock Car Club float with Albert Massaro's Popcorn Special showing the year (1963) of the carnival on the side.  This photo was taken a couple of blocks to the south of the ones above.


The three articles shown here are also well worth the lets you know pretty much what was going on in young guys minds back in the 1960's....oh!... and there were girls too!!
The article to the left is a bit fuzzy and a small portion is not shown to the right of it, but it still can be read.
I believe the title reads "Highway Drag-racing Is Illegal...But It Still Is Fun".

Front and Back of one of Brian Phillips' jackets.  This is the second edition jacket style......The club had a design contest and I actually won my jacket for the above logo design.  The jacket in the photos below were the first edition jackets.

     With special thanks to Gary "Peachy" Ager (that's the young guy in the bottom right hand corner) this picture turned up recently.  I have been searching for this photo for years and Gary's wife Margaret put it up on her face book page asking if anyone knew who all the guys were.  Well Margaret, we know most of them now....just a couple of last names are left out.
     Sadly, I missed the club photo above and this one as well (I was sick or something)....well, I wasn't the only one, as you can read below who was missing from the photo.
     This was taken at the Blue Swan Inn where most of our meetings were held when the EMO building on Waterloo and Victoria Ave. become too small.
     My jacket went missing during the years and Brian Phillips graciously donated one of his two jackets to me....Thanks Brian!!
Here is what the Blue Swan Inn looked like in the 1960's
Thanks to everyone that helped with this post, especially Den Winko, Art Lee and Gary Ager.   HR&J hopes that you enjoyed it..........Dave

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