Sunday, May 25, 2014

Today I Lost My Wonderful Friend Ron Clark.....May 25, 2014.

Ron Clark (Big Daddy Hot Rod) was my inspiration, and one of the most courageous men I have ever known.  He lived his life making one feel that not one tiny thing was ever wrong...never complained and never showed any of the distress in life that he had to deal with.  Ron, with his disability never wanted anyone to treat him any different than you would anyone incredible man and I felt so privileged to have known him.
So, for you Ron, for Pat and all your are about 20 photos of some of the memorable and happy times we the Sensational Hot Rods in the early years, the great parties and the in-depth talks we shared many times over.  And Steve, if it wasn't for you and our involvement with the Sensational Hot Rods, Rosemary and I may never have met your parents Ron and Pat. Thank You!
Ron Loved his 1946 Chevy Coupe

Check that Smile!!

Be sure to click on all the pictures for enlargements.  Here's a great shot of Ron in my old Buick, Pat, Josh and my wife Rosemary when the Hot Rods played at Back to the 50's in the early 2000's....fabulous memories!
Here is a picture of Ron and I as co-managers back in the early days of the Sensational Hot Rods on stage telling everyone about the new and upcoming band's website, and announcing up and coming concerts.
Here's a great shot of Ron (drinking Diet Pepsi of course) and son Steve (NOT drinking Diet Pepsi). This was at one of those great after concert parties we all enjoyed...this particular one being at Grand Portage Lodge and Casino.

The pictures above and below are my all time favourites of us.  This is Ron and myself dressed as the Blues Brothers for a Halloween concert with the band at Armani's back when.......
We actually got on stage and sang "Ghost Riders in the Sky."  You can see the fun we were all having...again another memorable moment with our friends.

The above is a collage of the night at Armani' on it to enlarge.

Below are two nice photos of Pat and may have been one of their anniversary parties. We had so much fun in those days and would entertain ANY excuse to have a party of some sort.  This picture was taken at Riley's Tavern in Westfort where we all spent many a time at the microphone doing Karaoke tunes.  "Fun" was the word of the day!!

You guessed it...Ron and Dave doing a re-make of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" from the Armani's Concert!!

Great times together for birthdays, anniversaries and just regular old visits!!!

This was the first time I had seen Ron's first power chair.....of course I had to take if for a tool down his hallway.....damn thing was pretty fast!!

The above photos are from one of Ron's Birthdays I believe.....all of us cracking jokes and having fun as usual.

 Scroll all the way down....

We will miss you so much Ron, and Pat we are here for you for whatever you need.
with Love, Rosemary and Dave Cano
....Oh, one more thing.....He loved his Maple Leafs


Stephen Clark said...

Our dear friends Super Dave & Rosie , you have been absolutely the best friends for my Dad & Mom and myself :) we all love you dearly :) thanks again for all your kind words and actions over the many many years . \m/ Sincerely
Steve"Eljer Hot Rod" Clark

Dave Cano said...

And thank you too know why! :)