Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Gentlemen Who "Started Their Engines" .....part 2

Here at Hot Rods and Jalopies, most of the vintage racing photos are of cars.  This time the concentration will be on drivers...some well known and many are unsung hero's of the day.....with a few other tidbits here and there.
For the original or "Part 1" of The gentlemen who started their engines you can click on this link then return to read this post.
....and sure to click once or twice on all these photo groups for enlargements, and enjoy the memories....hopefully some of you will remember these guys as I do.
The two little panorama photos above are taken along the back stretch at the CLE track...the top one showing a brill bus at the Port Arthur/Fort William turn around bus terminal.

Some  of these guys are quite well known even today, but many gave their time and effort to have fun and also to entertain the thousands who came out each Wednesday night to the best entertainment our cities ever had.....

In the top right photo as noted, you see a well known local driver Louis Tocheri with a very talented young man Lorne Hay (they made an incredible team)...who went on in later years to help Lyn McIntosh with his modified race car.

The top left photo of Tom Dow was taken in about 1953.  Tom along with Barry Kettering were instrumental in resurrecting jalopy racing in Murillo and at the CLE track in the very early 1950's

We lost many of our local racing celebrities through the years such as Barry Kettering shown here, however many are still with us today to detail numerous stories of our racing past such as Merv Dove shown above.

A few unsung hero's shown here!!

I took great joy in building the vintage modified car shown above using Cye Kehoe's and Norm Addley's old #12 with the help of many friends and acquaintances.  I hope to do a more lengthy story on the building of this car in the near future.

HR&J hope you enjoy these blog pages, and by joining and following blogger, you won't miss any posts as they come along.  Thanks for the continued support and interest....Dave

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