Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Season 2014 Post #2 - Classic Christmas Music and Advertising.....

During the Christmas season, HR&J enjoys and publishes a nostalgic look at this festive time of the year and takes a little detour from the "mostly car and local history" information that you usually see here.  You may see a vintage car or two however.  We hope you enjoy it.

The following are a few vintage pop Christmas sheet music covers...ones I'm sure you'll all remember.  When I was a kid taking music lessons, these were my favourite pieces to play over the holiday season.  I would purchase them from my music teacher or from Heintzman's Music store on the corner of Syndicate and Victoria Ave. (long gone now) or from Coran's music store further west on Victoria Ave.  The top three I still have today.


Click on Jimmy Boyd below to hear "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"
Then click on Bob Hope below to hear "Silver Bells" from "The Lemon Drop Kid"

These next two images are from a 1954 Esso brochure (thanks to Dave Howarth).  Many Esso retailers would have the identical brochure and put their stamp or print on them.  This one shows Esso Triangle Service which was on the corner of Fort William Road and Memorial Ave back then. The photo scans show the front cover in and out, the music pages then the back cover in and out.

The rest of the photos are mostly magazine advertisements from the earlier part of the 20th Century which I hope will tweak a memory.  My grandmother had a Victrola something like the one in the following advertisement....I wonder where it went.  They are both advertising the record players for Christmas........

You could not talk about Christmas advertising and not have at least one of Sundblom's Coca Cola Santa ads........this very colourful example was printed in numerous magazines through the years.

If you were in the money back in 1928, you may by your wife a new Silver Anniversary Buick, as THE Gift for the Christmas season.
...or if you weren't well off, you may purchase your wife or child a pair of Barney & Berry skates for Christmas.

If your great-grandfather purchased a RAY Camera back in the early 1900's into the 1920's, you would have one of the rarest cameras in your possession.  This particular ad shows that Fryer Studio sold these at one time.  This camera is worth hundreds of dollars today.
The next ad shows the late President Ronald Reagan advertising Chesterfield Cigarettes during his acting days.  Mr. Reagan actually had Alzheimer's disease and died from Pneumonia, not from lung cancer as some people think.

The 7UP bottling company always had some of the most colourful magazine advertisements, and this next one is no exception....with the famous green bottle, the swimmer/diver on the side and a total of 7 bubbles on either side of the 7up logo.
To the right is a very interesting health insurance ad saying that you could have an "easy mind" and spend more at Christmas knowing that you have insurance....

Last but not least is a tongue in cheek ad saying that after you make every one else happy at Christmas, you need to make yourself happy and purchase a new Colt Revolver.....WOULD YOU???...well maybe...the world is getting rough out there, but leave it 'til after Christmas, and don't put one under the tree.....
Thanks for checking out Hot Rods and for more Christmas posts soon!!


kyllimarjaana said...

Again a fantastic post about !! I wonder this abundant amount of material you have to show us !!

Dave Cano said...

Thank You "K" ...I have tons of photos, advertising etc in my files and personal collection and have chosen to share it all over the years. These blog pages have been running since the spring of 2009...Thanks again for looking. D.