Tuesday, December 30, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 FROM OUR HOUSE TO YOURS - also what we read 63 years ago.....


In my vault of treasured history, I came across this old News Chronicle from January 2, 1952, and thought I might share a bit of what we were doing back when I was just a kid.

It's very interesting to read print even from the 1950's to see how we expressed ourselves....some of it almost sounds like a foreign language. ☺

Hearty, Noisy and Spirited as it was described here.
Also, remember when everyone had to renew their driver's license plates every year just after New Years day....the line-ups were horrendous.

Click on all these ads once or twice and enjoy reading the articles from 63 years ago right here in our Lakehead Cities.

The Port Arthur Harbour January 2 1952.  The Korean War was also upon us.  It lasted from June 25, 1950 until July 27, 1953.

It's also very interesting what we watched at the Famous Players Theatres and at the Odeon as well.  Most films that were shown in Port Arthur were also shown simultaneously at the same theatres in Fort William.

My all time favourites from that time frame were Laurel and Hardy and Roy Rogers.  Remember also all the active theatres back in 1952 such as the Royal, Lake, Fort, Lyceum and Colonial.  Most all the facades of these buildings still exist today.

Mahon Electric was located on Arthur Street in Port Arthur (now Red River Road) as well as on Victoria Ave in Fort William which is now inside Victoriaville Centre.  There was always a dance somewhere in town and my parents took them all in.  Roy Coran was always their favourite. (sadly many times, the newspapers misspelled Roy's name as Ray, as shown in the ad below.

There was a ton of action at the old Port Arthur Arena in 1952, such as the exhibition hockey games shown below and very affordable prices even for the day.  I don't recall the Port Arthur Spitfires at all.  The Port Arthur Arena also had the best roller skating, as the surface was wood and very smooth, not like the marble type surface of the Fort William Gardens.  The Port Arthur arena was where the Safeways Store and it's parking lot on North Court St today.  
McGolrick's Men's Wear had a store in Port Arthur and in Fort William.  Remember also Oikonen's Taxi, 191 Lorne St., with "Radio Cabs" which was next to the old New-Chronicle office in 1952.

Here is some interesting statistics from the Korean War era in '52, as well as some comics we read in our newspaper then.


New Years January 2 1952 brought some advice about making New Years Resolutions, and again, it's very interesting to observe how the English language was written.....and a few more comics.  Again, click on all to enlarge to screen size.


KAM MOTORS LTD. USED TRUCK BARGAINS, January 2, 1952, as well as Lakehead Motors Limited advertising their new 1952 Plymouth vehicles.  My dad Jonnie was a very active body shop manager for Kam Motors at this time and worked for them from before WWII and after - from 1937 until 1967 when he started teaching Auto Body and Welding at Gron Morgan trade school, and did so until he retired from there when he was 65.

Here at Hot Rods and Jalopies, we want to thank everyone who faithfully follows this blog site for their support and also for their donations of photos and stories to add to the content.  
Even though there is no remuneration for any of this, I thoroughly enjoy doing the writing and stories for your pleasure.  Dave at HR&J


nancy george said...

Yes, who could forget the joy of having to replace your license plates in the dead cold of winter, every year. The bolts frozen with rust and fingers frozen with frostbite.
As for Kam Motors bargain trucks, I'll take the 1940 Ford half-ton panel, or if that's no longer available, the '46 Hudson pickup.
Dave, thanks for all the work you do all year to provide your followers with so many great memories.
Happy New Year

Geo. Rogers

Dave Cano said...

Thanks so much for that George...it sure is fun doing it, and I do appreciate the stories and photos you send as well as your support.

Ralph Goff said...

I like the prices of the vehicles in those newspaper clippings.
Here in Sask. we got new license plates every year in April.