Sunday, January 18, 2015

John (Jonnie) Cano ....our Dad.....RIP..... Aug 19, 1919 - Jan 17, 2015....

My Father, My Teacher, My Mentor, My Friend passed away peacefully at 10 pm last evening in his sleep.
Thank you Dad for handing down your automotive talents to your son.  We shared many a day in the garage planning and designing either in our minds or on paper.  He loved nothing more than a ride in one of the new Hot Rods I had built knowing that he had some input in the work and design..  I've spoken to many of his former students through the years from Gron Morgan Trade School and they all said that he was one of the best and most respected teachers they ever had.....a wonderful tribute.

Thanks to everyone that had sent condolences and thoughts and prayers on my FB page as well.

Jonnie Cano as some of his old colleagues called him was 95 years of age.
We will never forget him.

Here are a few photos some of which are on my FB page as well....
My dad at the NOTA Car Show in 1967 at the Port Arthur Arena - He had a ton of input in this car.

Dad and I doing the '33 Ford Victoria circa 1986

He loved the Model "A" but always said to me " When are you gonna put some damn fenders on that thing".

This picture was taken at an Antique Car Club Cruise show this summer held at Dawson Court where his resided for the past 11 months.  He could still point to all the cars and new what year they all were, even though he had dementia.

RIP Dad....Love you and miss you - This was taken at Intercity Mall on one
of our walks about 1 1/2 years ago.  He was 93 here.

Dad at his 95th Birthday Party with my sons and his Grandsons, Darren and Jay

Thank you to everyone from Rosemary and Dave at HR&J.....