Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter Memories from back in the day when we lived in Fort William and Port Arthur.....

HR&J wishes you and yours A Very Happy Easter 2015 
We were always very happy kids and at Easter time it was always quite special.  Easter brought back thoughts of spring, green grass and leaves on the trees as well as tulips and flowers....but most of all because we could get our bikes out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  Scroll down for more!!

 Bugs Bunny was always my favourite Easter Bunny anyway, and here he is, driving his Hot Rod in "Hot-Rod Hare".
I still have a few of these 10 and 12 cent Gold Key comics.

I really like this 1959 Easter morning photo.....My sister and brother are chowing down on their chocolate getting primed for their hyper sugar high for the day, and here I am, already to head out for Church with a not so pleased look on my face while I wait for everyone to get ready.  I always wondered why my parents let them eat all that candy before we headed out as they were absolutely wild in Church.  I remember those Easter Baskets were around our house for years......and often wondered where they got to.  (Love the curlers in my sisters hair).

It's too bad this picture isn't a bit clearer.....Here it is 1962, and my sister and brother are all ready to head out to Church on this snow-less Easter morning on Arthur Street in Fort William.  The car with the visor on the right is my first car...a 1949 Chevrolet 2-door sedan.  In those days everyone parked on the street in the 1400 block of Arthur Street in Fort William.

Here is another snow-less Easter in 1953.  My Easter present was pretty much the envy of all the kids on the block.  I never did get a brand new bike until I started to work, but my Dad would pick up a bunch of bike parts, bring them to Kam Motors Body Shop (where he worked)  to repair, and Canary Trevisan, the painter at Kam back then would paint and pin-stripe the wheels and frame.  I was a pretty lucky kid because I had the only custom bicycle in the whole neighbourhood.

Don't forget the movies of the day included this musical..."Irving Berlin's Easter Parade".  My mom would force me to go to these musicals under major protest.  She figured she could drum some culture into my life....LOL.  Be sure to click on the posters for full screen enlargements.

Pretty hokey.....but this is how the musicals were in the 1950s......."Easter Parade"
Click to play then X out any ads etc...then click the bottom right hand corner to enjoy full screen.

This next picture is of no one we know, but thought it was of the same era and shows all the kids dressed in their Easter finery, including their Easter bonnets.....and Mom's and Dad's two Fords in behind.

So....Have a Happy Easter - from our family to yours.  Enjoy Easter with your family.......

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