Thursday, October 29, 2015

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2015 - Vintage Halloween magazine ad's and memories from our home towns of Fort William and Port Arthur, Ontario

Halloween is almost here....then Christmas....geez, it seems like I just put our tree away.
     For you Americans, us Canadians have already had our Thanksgiving turkey, and after Halloween there's nothing to look forward to until Christmas.  Enjoy Halloween with your kids and show them this post so they can see what our old Halloween days were like. my new friend on TV "Draculac".  He is a 1950 Cadillac that you don't want to meet Halloween night....

Just seeing this old portable TV reminded me of our old DuMont blond wood black and white TV.

Some Halloween shows we saw back in the day.  Actually The Addams Family and The Munsters were regular series....and not just shown at Halloween.

The Munsters were my favourite, because they had George Barris' wild custom car creations, the Munster Coach and Drag-u-la.....and of course we built those models back in the day.  They are still available on the market.

Here's a picture of myself taken by my friend Dennis when we were at George Barris' shop in Los Angeles last year.  Met George of course...more pictures of him and the Batmobile on another post.
     Here's an old Halloween TV week cover from the 1960's telling us more of what we watched then.
Halloween was used to advertise more than just candy in the day...Check out this great Texaco PT anti-freeze ad telling us to get prepared for WINTER....brrrrrrrrr.

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A 50 year old Halloween tradition, UNICEF in Canada came to an end in 2006.  The orange box change collections were more costly than they were worth, as coin counting etc. for this program became too labor intensive, and in later years we here in Canada stopped the production of the copper penny.  The decision has been very critical, as kids felt good about what they were doing.  Apparently the UNICEF program still continues in the United States.  
So, in the day Casper the friendly ghost advertised for UNICEF as seen with this comic cover.

If you were ever lucky enough to get a bottle of soda pop in your halloween bag, it was probably the best treasure of the Coca Cola didn't waste any time advertising the fact. 

 ........Here's some Halloween Treat advertisements from back in the middle of the 20th sure to click on all the pictures for enlargements......

This old Wrigley's Spearmint Gum ad was from the early 1920s, and was a very popular advertisement that you might see in a Streetcar.

Then there were other companies that used Halloween for commercial use such as Jello and Heinz

Remember buying Halloween Horror sound on vinyl records?...I think I still have one or two around the house.

Lets go to YOUTUBE and see if we can find some sound on the arrow.....

I know its a long post....I hope you are enjoying it though...........
The next ads that used Halloween for commercial use were of course Booze and Cigarettes.

This Old Gold US cigarette ad is pretty bizarre...........

A couple of old Kresge five and dime ads, mainly for the prices, and those Peanut Clusters don't look very appetizing in black and white.

Finally a great old "Abbott and Costello meets Frankenstein" film poster and the lobby card as well....scroll down to view the original trailer for this movie.
Hope you enjoyed our 2015 Halloween post.....keep checking back and head into HR&J's archives for hundreds of great stories and photos.

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