Wednesday, June 22, 2016

39 Then and Now photos of our home towns of Fort William & Port Arthur ... now Thunder Bay, Ontario

This is the largest group of photos loaded into one post on HR&J.  These are mostly "Then and Now" posts that I had loaded onto my facebook page in the past number of months. They will include captions only.....and if you want full screen size shots.  
Click on each small or large photo group to enlarge then return.  ENJOY 
Thank you also to all our followers here on HR&J and also my facebook page.  I hope you have enjoyed reading all the posts.
Don't worry...all you gearheads...many more recently found racing and car related posts are to follow...but you must be I write this, I'm also working on a new hot rod project.  More to come on that as well.

Original Invoice from 1936

North Star Oil - Memorial Ave

Bud's One Stop

CKPR - now Superstore Gas

Dairybest - May and Dease St.

Donald and Brodie Street facing east..

Donald and Brodie St facing west...

Donald and Syndicate facing west...

Donald and Syndicate facing east...

In front of Brodie St. Library...

Kellough's Dairy Victoria and Selkirk north

Twin Port Auto May and Bethune St.

Victoria Ave. and May St.

Near the end of Victoria Ave.

The Avenue - once beautiful
then - The Odeon Theatre - also
once beautiful.

Port Arthur Arena...

History of McKellar Park

When "Service" meant "Service"...


Burney's on Brodie...
History of our fairgrounds...not much
originality left....

Here's a surprise - Arthur and Marks St
facing old stompin' grounds

Farmer's Mercantile

My mom and dad ...a rare sign...

Kam Motors, my father's alma mater..

A Westfort treasure still exists...

Newcombe's...remember where??

White's Drug Store - I once worked in this building.

Good Ol' Maltese...still around after all
these years.

The next two are both locations of Hinsperger's Tent and Awning...once called "Harness and Tent"... Don't forget clicking to enlarge..
Hisperger's 1.

Hinsperger's 2.

Paradise Boston Pizza office...

May and Southern facing west...

Scarcello's Shoe Stores

The Ol' Cap...

What we saw in 1954
What was playing


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that TBay hasn't torn down all relics from the past

Dave Cano said...

Not all, but almost...