Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016 - The Best of HR&J and more.....

It's been great fun doing Halloween posts through the years on HR&J, and this year I thought you might enjoy some of the "best of" on Hot rods and Jalopies that were posted for Halloween plus a few
If the weather stayed fairly nice, the Intercity Drive In would open for a "SPOOKTACULAR" evening of scary films some of which you will likely remember.  * Be sure to click on all the photos if you want to see them larger...

Here's a less than two minute trailer of "The Blob"  Starring of all people Steven "Steve" McQueen in one of his early films playing the character "Steve".  Click the arrow in the middle to view.

 ....a few more to watch with your honey at the drive-in......

Well maybe you wouldn't watch the above one with your girlfriend....maybe your kid sister or brother....LOL

This Boris Karloff/Bela Lugosi classic scared the hell out of me when I was a kid.


The spirit of Halloween lives in all of's easy to recall the joyous times we had when we were kids growing up and now our kids, and kids kids are enjoying the same fun we had.  The following are a few vintage pieces of advertising from the 1960's and before.

Here's a couple of pieces of Texaco advertising using the good ol' Jack o lantern to let us know that it's Halloween and from this point on "It's Gonna Get Cold".

In the Spirit of Halloween and The Munsters, I'm sure some of you gearheads have built these two model cars by AMT sometime during your life.

Two of George Barris' designs above were the Munster Coach and Drag-u-la.  My friend Dennis and I had the distinct privilege to meet George Barris at his shop after we attended the Grand National Roadster Show in January of 2014.  George has since passed away and left an indelible mark on the hot rod culture in both our countries.
Dennis Winko, George Barris, Dave Cano

One of my all time favourite Halloween moments were when my great friend Ron Clark and I dressed as the Blues Brothers for a Halloween bash at the old Armani's on Victoria Ave back in 2003.  Ron's son Steve Clark is of course the leader of The Sensational Hot Rods show band.  In these photos, we were up on stage singing "Ghost Riders in the Sky".  Ron has since passed away and is dearly missed by many...RIP my old friend.

Thanks for checking Hotrods and Jalopies...hope you enjoyed the post.....

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