Tuesday, November 7, 2017

"Lest We Forget"....pre-Remembrance Day 2017 - some Fort William and Port Arthur Memories and War Effort Advertising....

Lest We Forget.....This is such a compelling photo of the Lake Superior Regiment marching to the trains at the most eastern end of Arthur St. (now Red River Road) in Port Arthur, Ontario in 1940.  (these are two photos stitched together from the north and south side of Arthur St. Port Arthur, On.)...click on all photos once or twice to enlarge them.

 "In Flanders Fields" was what we memorized and recited every year when remembrance day rolled around.  It made us realize the utmost sacrifice our soldiers of war made to make our country free, so that we could live in peace with prosperity and love.....most of our fathers served and this is a tribute to all of you.

I was given a number of newspapers recently dating from my birth year during the second world war by Maureen Croissant/Prairie and Brian Prairie of which I am very grateful.  The following are some of the advertising pieces in them...note that they are all related to the war effort in the day.   On the left is an ad for the Canadian Lakehead (Victory) Exhibition.  The photo on the right shows Joe DiMaggio and Peewee Reese autographing baseballs for Admiral Ghormley.

This one shows a recruitment advertisement for the Canadian Women's Army Corps.....claiming that women are also needed like never before, and another asking everyone to save waste paper for the war effort.

Here's another from August 1944 advertising B.F. Goodrich Tires, advertising that the mileage you can get from the new design is equivalent to pre-war.

Another familiar sign of quality was Coca Cola and just as it would be today.....a welcome home from a weary soldier would include a Coca Cola.  The Prestone Anti-Freeze advertisement states that it is more important for it to serve all military vehicles before the common automobile.  Click on each.

One final note on this upcoming remembrance day on November 11, 2017

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