Saturday, December 16, 2017

My Annual Fake Magazine Covers...for HR&J...or call it Fake News...😁

MERRY CHRISTMAS all our family, friends and Facebook friends in Canada and the USA as well.
   In case you didn't know, The Hot Rods and Jalopies Generation Blog was actually the very first local photo history site which later evolved into many different Facebook history sites in the past few years years.  It was started in April of 2009, almost 9 years ago and we have almost one million hits.  I have tried to add as much historic content to all the photos posted to the best of my ability and with the help of some very knowledgeable know who you are.  I was laid up a bit this year and in the process of finishing my final hot rod build.  I have also been spending more...actually too much time on my Facebook page and I want to get back here to where we started.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported and helped me with this project (family and friends).  I still enjoy local history, vintage racing, vintage advertising etc etc as much as ever and hope to bring more interesting things to these pages.

My latest hot rod may be my swan song, or my thesis in the car world but I will continue to write on these pages as often as I can and far into the future.
Have a great Holiday Season with your Family and stay safe in our crazy world. we go with another Christmas post.  In the past number of years I did some fictitious magazine covers for HR&J ....and this year is no exception.  The first two are brand new this year and the rest were from past years.  There are ten in all and I will add more each Christmas.  The final one is my favorite.  I hope you enjoy them.  Click on each once or twice more for X-large viewing.


...however all the buy lines or article content has some local flair.     Enjoy!
Reminiscent of the old PDW Railroad.

My dad always wanted to own a Buick or Oldsmobile and never did.

Christmas time at the old CPR or CNR station in the day

Santa is a daredevil in so many ways....

I always loved pedal cars but sadly my dad could never afford one...

First of Three covers with beautiful ladies behind the wheel....Independent Women in the 1920's

Here's a 1933 dilemma for youngsters coming home from college for Christmas.

Another 1920's Classy Independent Woman

Tom Medley art is Iconic in the Hot Rod world....this mag cover is so Hot Rod.

My all time favorite cover I did dated December 1922 with this beautiful young lady driving a huge touring car in the day and bringing Christmas gifts home to her family.

Thanks for watching and keep in touch,
Dave Cano

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