Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anderson, Jones and Massaro.....more then and nows!

Sorry for the shortage of posts excuses are....It's spring!....and also that I was out of town for a bit...nuf said!
I would be amiss not mentioning the next two "Super Modifieds" that are presently held in the massive Russ Wanzuk collection.

Here is a photo of Ken Anderson's #78 car(from Duluth, Minnesota) as it was in the early 1960's while racing here at the CLE track in Fort William, and near the end of the racing days at the CLE. The next photo is Russ's restored Ken Anderson car as it looks today....obviously much nicer than it actually was almost 50 years ago.

Here is local driver Tom Jones #98 car in full regalia at about the same time as the above photo of the Anderson car was taken. The next photo is how the 98 car looks today in the present unrestored condition....note the "Amco Special 98" on the side to verify its ID.

The last two photos here are firstly of the #87 car of Tony Massaro noting again, the importance of sponsorship while racing, to possibly pay for your gas, oil, or some repairs during the racing season. This photo was taken in the late 1950's. The last present day photo shows where the Graham and Whybourne auto body repair shop once was on 725 N. May Street. It now houses Preferred Auto and Fleet service and also Roy's Small Engine service at the left. The picture of Tony's car was taken about where the van in the middle is...angled around the corner. The front of the building was once brick but was covered over with stucco to modernize it.
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