Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cruisin' The Dub First Night Coverage from May 28/10......

Here's Allan's very cool '33 Ford Coupe.....He's owned it since 1962, and here's Al again in his grey primered shirt too asking, "Where's all the cute car hops I remembered in 1962?" Al, they're all in the old folks home!!...LOL :-)

A&W owner/operator Larry D. with the Great Root Bear while Jan is trying to pull Bear's tail....cute eh Jan! Next is my grand-daughter Claire on the left with her friend Sierra, Pat Wilson's daughter. Pat does the Canadian Tire Cruises on Thursday nights at CTC on West Arthur Street.

Here's Claire and Sierra again with the Great Root Bear and loving every moment. Bill also brought his two grand-daughters in his beautiful '56 Ford Convertible .

From front to back as far as I can see is cars by owner, Clarence, Garry, Allan, Wally, Tony, Ken and Randy. On the right and post predominant is Pat`s Rat, Pat's Mac Tools Car he actually won( Lucky or What!) and Dennis' Rat a little further down....and a few other guys, names I can't recall.

Here's Wally giving the Great Root Bear a bigger bear hug than he was getting....awwwww! Finally the next picture is Roger`s Chevelle, Rick's '33 Ford Coupe, yours truly's model A sedan, and Richard Spooner's Harley.
Much fun was had by sure to click on all the photos to enlarge them. We'll see you next Friday and every Friday all summer long at Cruisin`the Dub. Car hop service will begin in for it!
Finally...thanks to Richard Spooner, local artist of renown for some of these photos!

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