Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GONE....Another Important Historic Building!!

Here we go again, but this time our city tore down an incredible historic building. It was actually dubbed, possibly the oldest standing structure in Fort William by a clipping found while researching this structure. The clipping is shown below and was published in our newspaper in 1985. The "Coo House" just down from the Fort William Gardens wasn't even as old as this one and its still here designated "historic". This one was built at least 122 years ago and by the photo(circa 1888) and the article, was originally located on Brodie Street approximately where the old Capitol Theatre building stands today. They even thought that its historic value was important enough in the 20th century to move it to the corner of Arthur and Brodie streets to its address of 240 Brodie and face it West.

This is one of two homes torn down(one at the corner of May and Arthur) and this historic structure and for what reason?? Why would the city(or whoever) remove this building?? Does anyone know?? They sure did it in a hurry so no historical club or so called bleeding hearts would try to save it, or would anyone even bother!
It would be nice to get rid of Victoriaville the same way...It doesn't have any historical value and it still stands dividing a MAIN street in two. I sure wouldn't stop that from happening!
Here is the article that was found in the Chronicle Journal published by our museum in 1985 with reference to the building in question. NEXT - Today!
Here is the empty property today with both buildings gone but specifically the beautiful Mansard roofed three-story 122plus year old historic building. All we can now say is "Oh Well, too late!"
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Oats said...

I didn't know the building was that old, it looked much more recent. It was demolished, along with a building at the opposite corner, for the new DSSAB building. The heritage committee said the building wasn't of any significance and allowed its demolition. I guess they didn't do their research very well. You can see this in the heritage committee minutes, available on the city council minutes page of the city's website. (It's in one of the city council meetings, where the go through all committee minutes and OK them.)

Dave said...

Not sure what DSSAB stands for?? Thanks for your comments. If the heritage committee was not interested in saving a heritage building, why have the committee at all! It's all about research before the fact.

Lex said...

Hi Dave,

DSSAB - District Social Services Administration board


Dave said...

Thanks Lex...