Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vintage Magazine Cover Art (car related)....Christmas too....

Searching around the Internet for some vintage Christmas art involving hot rods and/or jalopies...duh...(like I never do this!!) I found a number of fabulous car art pieces on the covers of magazines way back when times were more simple! Sooo, I thought I would post a few of my favourites....Check them out!

The first one here is a Life Magazine cover showing some great drag racing from the Fort Worth, Texas area in 1957. The next one is of course, a jalopy on the cover of Post Magazine way back in May of 1950. The artist is Steve Dohanos...well known for this art work with Post.
Check the incredible detail in his art work. It looks to be a 1930 or 1931 Ford Roadster.

Here is another, more cartoon type print on the Colliers Magazine cover from November of 1951 by B. Tobey. It depicts the typical high school or college kids pushing their jalopy down the street. The next one here is Archie and Betty of course with Archie's famous jalopy that appeared in many Archie comics through the years. His jalopy's name was "Betsy".....did you remember? This specific art piece was from 1942....GOSH, that's before I was born, but why doesn't Archie get any older. I think I'd rather be a comic strip character!!

Here are a couple more Post Magazine covers from the late summer of 1959 showing some beach and family travel art. Love the one where everyone is sound asleep except mom. Also note some famous characters of the day noted on the top of each cover, like Fidel Castro, and Jack Webb. If you know these two people you are at least as old as me!
These two are definitely more modern pieces from one of the most incredible hot rod artists of our time, Jeff Norwell. Why are the cops chasing the hot rodder....Is he speeding or did he steal a Christmas tree? The next one here shows Santa, fine tuning the three deuces on his Motor City cool is that!!
Finally we have a pair of similar covers. The first one is a real Hot Rod Magazine cover from December of 1951 showing Tom Medley's famous art character Stoker McGurk and his better half heading home with their Christmas Tree and gifts. The last one is a tongue-in-cheek version of this web page's fictitious magazine called "Hot Rods and Jalopies", with some fictitious(well..a little truth to these) stories that could have appeared inside. SORRY, I couldn't resist. Hope you enjoyed these and hope you are getting prepared for the fast and furious Christmas season that is upon us.....but first and foremost - DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE - I need you to read my blog. Thanks for looking!
Be sure to click once or twice on all art work to enlarge...some will be larger than others!

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