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MERRY CHRISTMAS 2010......and a few more interesting ads....

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Here is another great Norwell piece for Christmas as well as a "Model T" cover from an old Christmas card by artist Ralph Hulett.

Its amazes me that anyone could actually draw like this 7-up commercial ad. This was done by none other than Haddon Sundblom of Coca-Cola art fame. Most people don't realize that the modern looking Santa with the red suit, white beard and large belly as we know him today was invented by the Coca-Cola Company in the 1930's. Coke commissioned Haddon to develop images using Santa Claus as more lifelike to the times. He painted Santa using a live model, his friend Lou Prentiss, a retired salesman. When Prentiss Passed away, Sundblom used himself as a model, painting while looking into a mirror. After the 1930's he used photos to create the image of St. Nick, and the children in many of his paintings were based on his own neighbours kids. Sundblom also painted many other Santas but they were not to look exactly like the Coca-cola ones.
The next commercial art piece is a cartoony Santa promoting bananas....."Do not open 'til hungry"!

If you have travelled into the US you will still see Gambles stores here and there and as far back as the 1940's. These two pages are a 1959 example of one of their Christmas Toyland magazine advertisements.

Not sure if this one is a Sundblom art piece but it is a fabulous rendering of teens and adults having fun drinking 7-up at which looks like a family Christmas gathering.
How can you forget Ronald Reagan, movie star of the '40's and '50's and former US President. Here Ronnie is promoting Chesterfield cigarettes in the nice new Christmas packaging. Everyone smoked in those days....I remember my mother giving the tin "flat-50's" cigarettes to the mailman, milkman and breadman.

Everyone gave tobacco for gifts.....a far cry from today. Look at this cool red wall could actually have an extension in your kitchen so you could talk and bake cookies at the same time....what a unique idea....WOW, how things have changed. Wait a minute........I actually have a red dial phone in my garage still........that must surely date me!!

What a wonderful Christmas Texaco commercial ad with all those cute dalmations. Those pups had become a trademark for Texaco Fire-chief gasoline. Dalmations were a fireman's best friend, weren't they?
Who could forget Slinky. Every kid had a Slinky. It's difficult to find good ones now...some are even plastic. Remember, a Slinky could actually walk down a whole flight of stairs?
Remember thee only decent gum to blow those big was Dubble Bubble by Fleer, with the little "Pud" comic strip inside. Finally, it didn't matter how much snow was out in the yard. If you got a new bicycle for Christmas, you took it for its first ride in the snow. Schwinn was mainly available in the USA in the 1950's but in Canada we had CCM bicycles. CCM stood for Canada Cycle & Motor Company, and has been around for about 110 years. They are still sold today in various bicycle shops and in Canadian Tire Stores.
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