Thursday, February 23, 2012

Building my Model "A" sedan.....

The final clip at the very bottom of this post is a 13 minute film that my son Jay took during and after construction of the Model "A", a few years back.
A newer engine and a few more current pieces have been added since. 
Firstly here are a few pictures of my beautiful niece Sarah with the car.  At the request of Ol' Skool Rodz magazine, we sent an article and some pictures of the car with Sarah but I guess she didn't have enough tattoos for the magazine so they only used one picture.  These pictures were taken near the rowing club on the Kaministiquia River.   Click on all to enlarge.

Sorry guys, Sarah is presently engaged to Trevor and will be married next're a lucky guy Trevor.
Here is how the article in Ol' Skool Rodz came out back twice on these to view full screen.

And finally the 13 minute film - it is a combination of photos and video......It's not super clear but the content is there and the surf music is great.  This film was actually misplaced for a bit but has since been found, added to my YouTube pages and now added to Hot Rods and Jalopies.  Hope you enjoy it.

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