Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kettering Brothers and Lacey's Taxi....441 S. Syndicate Ave., Fort William, Ontario

441 South Syndicate Avenue, Fort William Ontario, across from the C.P.R Station,

Was Once Kettering Brothers Husky Service Station

Glen and Barry were part sponsors of Barry's Famous #47 Stock Cars here in Fort William, Ontario.....how convenient was that............

Here are those two famous #47 Cars racing on the dirt at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition Track back in the 1950's.  There is much more about Barry and Glen that you'll have to search for in this blog, or click on this LINK to get all the Kettering related posts. http://hotrodsandjalopies.blogspot.com/search?q=Barry+Kettering

This is what a Husky Service gas pump would have looked like in those days, and also a Husky Heavy Duty Oil Can, with the famous Husky Dog and Northern Lights featured on it.
Here's a Kettering Brother's Husky Sign as it would have appeared at their station, soon to be replaced in the late 1950's by a Lacey's Taxi Sign.  Lacey's Taxi has been around for decades and presently occupies the old Kam Motors building on Leith Street, on the Fort William side of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

This is a very early Lacey's Taxi ad actually before they were at 441 S. Syndicate as noted by the year of the cars in this ad.

This is how their ad and the famous phone number 3-3-4-2-3 looked in a 1960 phone book.

Finally here are a couple more ads for Lacey's in 1962, after we added the 6-2 prefix to our phone numbers here in Fort William.  Be Sure to click on all the ads and photos for an up-close look.

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