Friday, November 2, 2012

Leading up to Remembrance Day 2012...WWII films...

Thoughts of  Remembrance Day on November 11th next week(Veteran's Day in the United States), conjures up many memories and stories of death destruction and intolerable acts that took place in all wars but specifically the Second World War era.  Many people our age had parents who suffered hard times during those years, who witnessed atrocities beyond our belief, many of which our parents can hardly even speak of to this day.
The film industry however captured some of WWII issues on the silver screen, bringing the reality of that hard life for us to witness as children then and adults now.
Many of the following films are still available today on DVD or VHS.  They were not so much propaganda, but the reality of life how it was, when many of our fathers and mothers lost their lives to preserve the freedom that we experience today.
We watched these films mostly in the 1950's and 1960's at our favourite theatres here in Fort William and Port Arthur, such as the Odeon's, the Paramount, the Royal, the Capitol and of course the Intercity Drive-In to name a few.

 I remember what an impact this 1957 film made on me when I was a mere 13 years old.  The following film is the trailer for The Bridge On The River Kwai.  Click on the arrow to view and turn up the volume.

Another great film I remember from that era(actually released in 1955) was the Dam Busters.  On May 16th and 17th of 1943 a truly major event in the history of the Royal Air Force Bomber Command took place.  This film brought another true story to the Silver Screen. 

The Following is a short film on a bit of the Dam Buster story.


The following two films, Men of the Sky and Across the Pacific were both released 70 years ago this year in 1942.  Most of the other films shown below are still available to view today at video rental stores or at your public library.

Bambi, also released in 1942, 70 years ago gave the fliers some "Nose Art" ideas.


Anonymous said...

in the helldiver picture if you follow Victoria ave towards the CNR tracks you can see the old folks home and St Marys school and kitty corner is Kelloughs dairy and just before the CNR tracks SKS garage

John said...

also to the right of the CNR station (in the Helldiver picture) is a large white building which is ( I think the name is Prince of Wales hockey rink) where my grandfather John Booth Sumner a speed skater (who won many trophies in his life) dropped dead on the ice doing what he loved doing skating. His son in law was with him skating and informed the family of his death. The rink sat at the old Post Office next to the FW Gardens