Monday, November 5, 2012

REMEMBRANCE DAY in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Sunday November 11, 2012

REMEMBRANCE DAY 2012 - the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month - WE WILL REMEMBER.....

      This is an aerial photo of a Curtis Helldiver flying over Fort William in the mid 1940's.  See if you can identify some of the landmarks in this picture. The ones I have circled are as follows:
BLUE - CNR Station on Vickers Street near the present day Fort William Gardens.
GREEN - Chapples Ltd department store the front of which is now inside Victoriaville.
YELLOW - The Capitol Theatre - building now empty.
ORANGE - The Royal Edward Hotel - now Royal Edward Arms low rental housing.
RED - The old City Hall building on the same site as the present day New City Hall.
LIME GREEN - The Fort William police department and city jail - now the Thunder Bay Museum.
      I have left this picture in high definition so be sure to click twice on it and scroll around to see all the buildings.  Also be sure to click on all the photos for enlargements.

These are ads out of a program from the Thunder Bay figure skating club "ICE FANTASY of 1945".  Please take time to read them especially the Canadian Car & Foundry one on the left.
The following two ads are typical Canadian war propaganda posters from the WWII era.

 The above photograph showing my father circled in red is of the Non Permanent Active Militia taken here in Fort William near the Canadian Car & Foundry site(note, Mount McKay in the background).  This photo was taken in 1940 when my father was a mere 21 years old.  The photo below lists most of the names from the photo above, so you may be able to recognize others that you know. 

 The following are four more very interesting WWII propaganda posters.

Here's a great photo of local women working very hard collection metal for the war effort for the Fort William Salvage Company.
The following two photos show what a Canada Meat Ration token looked like.  It was about the size of a quarter.


The following is a four page history of "The making of "In Flanders Fields".  This is a very compelling story and a must read as REMEMBRANCE DAY 2012 draws near.  Click on all the pages individually to read them......and REMEMBER!


Anonymous said...

So happy to come across this page whilst searching info on Fort William/Port Arthur - Thank you so much ! :)

Dave Cano said...

....and thank you for your comment...D.