Sunday, February 3, 2013

Buddy Holly's music never died and now its 54 Years Later....

Just remembering how we felt as teenagers when our idol was killed in a plane crash 54 years ago today!  click on all photos to enlarge them.

The monument on the left stands in front of the Surf Ballroom today.  We have made the trip a few times now and feel the loss to this day.  The photo to the right is the actual poster from the last concert.
The original Surf as it is today!

This is the view from the stage that Buddy would have seen on that fateful night.

Read the plaque.

This is the monument you see on entering the field where the plane crashed....such a lonely desolate place.

This is the monument at the crash site where thousands of
fans left trinkets or pieces of themselves in tribute to Buddy
and the boys.
A smaller monument to the pilot
Roger Peterson.

 As Wolfman Jack would say in the movie American Graffiti, "That'll be the Day, by the late great Buddy Holly on the Wolfman Jack Show."

Thank you Buddy for the music to live a life by!!


Anonymous said...

I visited the crash site in February of 2013 and the weather was the same as the day of the crash. It was a little eerie being there but Buddy was so great, I had to go and pay respects to him and the others.

Dan Slomke, Thunder Bay

Dave Cano said...

Thanks for your comment Dan.