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Thunder Bay Co-Operative, Port Arthur, Ontario....Thanks again Niel.

This is the second entry regarding The Thunder Bay Co-op Dairy originally on Queen Street in Port Arthur.  Be sure to click this link to see the last post and story then come back to read this one.
This 1934 photo below is one of the oldest and rarest photos ever taken of staff and management at Thunder Bay Co-op in incredible clarity, and it was my privilege once more thanks to Niel Maclam to use these photos on my blog site.  The photo is then broken down to smaller ones to note some of the detail.  Be sure to click on each one for enlargements.

This photo is Niels C. (Chris) Hanson beside his new Chevrolet taken in front of the Thunder Bay Co-op building in 1934.  This is Niel Maclam's grandfather, and to learn more about him and the dairy click on that link at the top of this post.
This is another breakdown shot of the large photo above noting the statement "You can whip our cream, but you cannot beat our milk."
Also note that is says Thunder Bay Co-operative Dairy Limited and the phone number was a mere 3 digits with an N in front, meaning north, 275.  In those days you would just pick up your phone(no dialing numbers at all) and say "North 275, please" to the operator, and she would connect you.
Most of the Old Co-op Building still exists today on Queen Street in Port Arthur(Thunder Bay).

Here are two photos of my own milk bottle collection showing the 3 sizes of bottles, quart, pint and half pint.  The photo on the right shows the reverse of the quart bottle saying Vi-Co Chocolate....a chocolate milk drink they also distributed, as well as ice cream and many other products

 Here is another breakdown of the above photo showing the horses and wagons lined up.
 One final breakdown showing the horses an a couple more of the early 1930's delivery trucks.

Here are two ice cream products that we all remember from the 1950's and 1960's both distributed by Thunder Bay Co-op.
This is an entry that was found on the website of the Wisconsin Historical Society that fits in with the photos above.

FINALLY, as I promised to Niel...I know this is an odd addition to the Co-op post, but wanted to show the other two photos Niel loaned me with an accompanying story......These are photos from Minnesota Dragways in Coon Rapids, Minnesota back in 1972.  I vividly remember spending a few weekends there watching the racing and enjoying the excitement....These photos loaned to HR&J by Niel are of his own car back then car.... the black(I believe 1969) Camaro taking on a couple of opponents back then.  
Niel's Camaro is a cloned SS Camaro which started out as a 350 4-speed.  That wasn't enough for Niel, so he installed a 427 for more ponies.
Niel still drag races to this day.

Thanks once more to Niel Maclam for the great photos and memories of Thunder Bay Co-op and the old Minnesota Dragways.

Niel taking on a 1955 Chevy with the old Minnesota Dragways tower.

Finally here is Niel blowing the doors off that '70 Nova.

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