Friday, September 6, 2013

LAKEHEAD STOCK CAR CLUB 1953 PROGRAM - by special request...

60 YEARS AGO this summer was when thousands of fans would flock to the CLE fairgrounds in Fort William Ontario to witness an incredibly entertaining weekly event.  It was 1953 and as stated above, a fan of Hot Rods and Jalopies blog requested that we print an entire program for all to see.  This one was chosen because of the 60 years and also because it was the largest program ever produced by the Lakehead Stock Car Club.  The actual measurements of the program are 5 1/2" X 8 1/2".  I do have a couple of originals of this, and it was also copied and used as a giveaway for the "1985 Pit Stop Reunion" that was held at the Coliseum building at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition grounds.  This will surely stir up some memories of all the names and also the old advertising.
The title page and last page are posted larger and the inner pages should be read from left to right.  You can however, click on each pair of pages to enlarge them for better reading.

We hope you enjoyed the program and if you have any comments, please add them to this post.  Thanks, Dave

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