Monday, September 30, 2013

MYRNA LORRIE....our own home grown beauty.....Do you remember?

This is a post I have wanted to do for some time now.  I remember Myrna when she sang her first song "Are You Mine" here in our own home towns of Fort William and Port Arthur, Ontario and she is still entertaining us all to this day.  Since I remember then most of you should too.  I did attend high school with Myrna's brother John when her career took off.
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A very young 14 year old recording "Are You Mine" with Buddy DeVal in 1954

Here is the cover of the Abbott Label.  The following print photo shows the lyrics and the next piece of script is a bio of Don Grashey who helped launch Myrna's long standing career. 
Be sure to click on all the photos and printed parts to enlarge them for better reading.

Click this link and turn up the volume to hear the original recording...... 

The above two photos are of a very young Myrna, the first a promo photo and the second during a recording session at CFCJ-TV in Port Arthur, Ontario

The above two clippings are of Myrna when she entertained along side recording star Joyce Hahn of "Cross Canada Hit Parade" at the local Lakehead Home Show back in 1959 at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition Auditorium and Coliseum.  Click on them twice to read.

Here is another photo of Spartan Records recording star Joyce Hahn with a short bio below.

This is a photo of Myrna on the right and her sister Linda singing for CJLX radio at the grand opening of the first A&W restaurant on 10th Ave off Memorial Ave in Port Arthur Ontario in 1958.

Entertaining at the "D" Room
Myrna's Discography to enlarge

Myrna Lorrie and David Essig at the Mariposa Folk Festival in 1976.
Here is another video clip of Myrna and Tom Bresh on their TV show "Nashville Swing" from 1980.
These last two photos of more current pieces for Myrna.

The funny part of this one is where they say
that she was from Thunder Bay north, a remote
Canadian City.  Click above.

Thank you Myrna for all the memories.  We will
remember you for where you were
about a tour back home??


Ralph Goff said...

I remember her from seventies tv shows. Beautiful girl with a fine singing voice.

Raven said...

Buddy DeVal is my uncle Jimmy Amadeo. I can remember these two practicing at our home on Summit Avenue back in the day.

Dave Cano said...

Thanks for the Comments Ralph and Raven....I knew that Buddy DeVal was a stage name...and it's very interesting that he's your uncle. Is there anything more you can add? Thanks

Raven said...

Sorry, he is my husband Gary's uncle. I was just commenting on Gary's behalf. Here is more..... If I remember correctly, Jimmy and his family lived on Pearl Street a couple doors down from his mum's house. Unfortunately Jimmy passed away at a young age due to an illness. One of Jimmy's brothers, Louis, had a big band I believe called the Ambassadors, and other various bands, until he passed on. I remember receiving the original black and white Myrna Lorrie photo, you have posted here, from her one day when they were practicing with a big old tape recorder at our house on Summit Avenue. I remember off and on being with my dad and Don Grashey down at Nisby's (spelling?) Second Hand and Pawn Shop on Cumberland Street by the City Rec Pool Hall - a gathering place for the locals. On a side note, do you ever take a drive along Oliver Road about 5 miles from the city limits? There was a huge old school turned into a hot rod and stock car shop back in the 50's. Just curious if it is still there.

Dave Cano said...

Raven: Thanks so much for the added comments. I vaguely remember the hot rod/stock car shop on Oliver Road, but just can't place exactly where it was.

June K. said...

I remember vaguely standing in line somewhere to see Myrna in person to get a signed copy of the demo photo you have featured on your blog. What has become of her? Where does she live and how long did she perform?

Dave Cano said...

June, as far as I know, she lives on the east coast still entertains when she can. Myrna still has family in Thunder Bay as well.

Dennis Jacks said...

The unknown person in the photo with Myrna is her sister Linda.

Dave Cano said...

Thank you Dennis....I always thought it was but was never completely sure, and I never knew her sister's name.

Anonymous said...

George savor
I bought my first guitar from her when she worked at st james gift shop on Arthur st. port Arthur.

Anonymous said...

She lives in Toronto

Dave Cano said...

Yes....I know that now. Thanks

Barb CJY said...

Thanks for presenting this information about Myrna Lorrie and friends all in one place. A great Thunder Bay story to be remembered.

Dave Cano said...

Thank You Barb CJY