Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009.....

CLICK HERE for "PSYCHO" movie preview: ...No this isn't our "Intercity Drive-In Sign", I don't have a picture of that. This is just a doctored up one from somewhere else!

Further to the post on April 26th 2009 titled Intercity Drive Inn(you can click here to go quickly back to it, and reminiscent of Halloween's past I am posting a few of my favourite horror movie posters mainly from the 1950's era. The Drive-In, what a great place to be with your honey, and especially during a horror flick. She's scared silly and you're so cool! Behave yourself, and don't fog up the windows! Are you too old to remember these? There are many Drive-In theaters that have re opened around our country and in the states. You haven't lived unless you have been to a drive-in movie. click on to enlarge!, and Happy Halloween 2009.

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