Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More 1950's Stock Car Jockeys in Fort William, Ontario, and Riverlake Oil!

Here's a great shot of #83 Sam Myronuk, #98 Ross (Pappy) Fowler(yes Pappy drove #98 before he drove #10), and #88 Albert Massaro. In the right photo the only known driver is the far right #2 of Tom Dow...well maybe not, as most jalopies in this photo are from out of town. The open portion of the grandstand shown here was built later in the '50's to accommodate more spectators. It was built just north of the main grandstand and as the cars came out of turn 4. Oh Yes...always look for the cheapskates who wouldn't pay 25 cents to come in peering over the fences. Recognize any faces?? LOL!

.....and here is a shot that had us kind of befuddled. Way in the background is #60 Don Marsh climbing the rub rail near the CLE Coliseum entrance making everyone's head turn(neat shot). The big question mark is the big "RO" sign in the center of the pit area with the globed gas pump beside it. Thanks to old stock car jockey and friend Merv Dove, he informed us that "RO" stood for Riverlake Oil. Riverlake Oil is shown on this matchbook with the local company McEwen Petroleum Distributors, a local fuel supplier. McEwen would supply(at a cost of course) fuel to the stock cars at that time. Click on pictures to enlarge!

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