Thursday, October 1, 2009

How a Real Hot Rod Should Look....

Just had to add this one!
A ton of guys may not agree with me, however, here are some personal choices of how a hot rod should look. Personal choice of course always takes precedence, however, many guys can never get it right. They mix up too many eras in one project. You can't call your hot rod a resto-rod and shave the door handles....or you can't call your rod a rat rod and put shiny paint on it(Rat rods are another subject all together). You also hear that hot rods don't have fenders, but what about cycle fenders or bobbed fenders? The other one is that real hot rods don't have valve covers either(Flatheads only).....another misconception.....maybe!....anyway.....again, here are a few older and newer photos of how I think hot rods should look.....notice one big thing.....most have wide whitewalls.
Oh Yeah...THE LAST ONE is a real Rat Rod(my sister took this in rural Thunder Bay.....What a goodie!!...and love the artillery wheels...LOL.
Agree or disagree, it doesn't really your own thing(but get it right!)
Mixed up? So am I...LOL, thanks for looking and click on pics to enlarge. Dave


Anonymous said...

You are correct my friend...a REAL Hot Rod does not have air, cruise, power windows, billet chrome. Your pictures above prove that point...above all, it takes imagination. REAL Hot Rods are not built from a catalogue...all cars above have different wheel/tire and powertrain combinations, painted/primered/bare metal - perfect.


Kevin Reiner 63 econoline said...

Gotta smile, that last one is now almost ready to fire up... Tires are different now though, they're rubber.

Kevin said...

oh and it IS not being built as a rat thing

Dave Cano said...

Thanks Kevin!!