Friday, November 13, 2009

CLE Stock Car Racing you remember?

This is a(not so clear and no sound) little experimental video digitalized from a VHS tape(thanks Terry for the idea and how to do it). Look hard to see some of these cars in the film. #75 Jerry Whittaker, #88 Albert Massaro, #49 Conrad Trombelli, #98 Pappy Fowler, #47 Barry Kettering, #11 John Zatti, #19 Louis Tocheri, #90 Dickie Tonkin, #21 Ed Colisimo, #77 Clyde Ditmars, #55 Wally Prokosh etc. Did you see a very short shot of at super rare 1940 Mercury Coupe(Hardtop)? Three quarters of the way through the film, did you see the car(unknown driver) go clear through the fence on the #4 corner, and almost end up on May St.? All the guys run across the track to see if the driver is OK. At the beginning, did you notice the RO(Riverlake Oil) sign that we did a post about a few weeks back? For you locals, you can look for the Coliseum building that is still there today. I have a few more short films that I will show later. Just wanted to try one out. Don't forget that this was filmed on 8mm film about 55 years ago and at some time transferred to VHS which had been copied a few times over, then finally to digital. I hope you enjoy it. Click on the little arrow below the screen.
I'm not totally happy with the way the film turned out, as "blogger" only gives you so much resolution. I may eventually put them on "Youtube" and have a link to go there. Thanks for looking anyway....D

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