Saturday, November 21, 2009

More and More and More Then and Nows in Fort William and Port Arthur, Ontario....

Here's one older one I added today Nov. 23rd 2009...the same view as the two photos below on Cumberland Street, but in about 1920. I wonder what that debris on the road near the bottom right side is....could it be horse puckies?...probably!..LOL....and oh yes...streetcar tracks!...more street car photos to come.

Cumberland Street, just north of Pearl Street in Port Arthur(now Thunder Bay, Ontario). The left photo is circa 1950 and the right photo was taken this summer 2009. The best part of the old photos is of course the old cars but also the great overhead advertising signs, most of which were neon.
May and Bethune Street , Fort William(now Thunder Bay, Ontario). This building is kitty-corner to where Spicer's was on May Street(see prior post). The first photo of Twinport Auto Service(love the whitewalls on the Studebaker) was taken in the early 1950's and the second present day photo is of the same building without the second story at Johnathon's Liquidators.
Here's a 1950's photo taken of Doran's Brewery near the ravine on Algoma Street in Port Arthur(now Thunder Bay, Ontario). This was where the beer was manufactured. The sister company was Doran's Beverage Company(no photo here) which was on Cameron and Marks St. in Fort William. They manufactured Pepsi, Orange Crush, 2-way and Golden Spray Ginger Ales.
The present day brewery site now has luxury condominiums.
POST SCRIPT added Nov 23, 2009. I must give credit to my friend Ron Limbrick for the renovation design that you see here on the old photo of the Doran's building and also for the great photo!....Hey Ron, just proves how old you are....LOL!
The Memorial Ave. sign dilemma has been solved(sort of!!) The original sign "Memorializes" citizens of Port Arthur that gave their lives in The First World War and was erected a decade after the 175 Laurel Leaf Willow trees were planted along Memorial Ave., north of the "Welcome to Port Arthur" arch. The trees were actually planted in 1926.
The new plaque is actually on High Street(but still states "Memorial Avenue"). No wonder no one knew where it was until recently. It is situated on the triangle of grassy land which borders Memorial Ave, High Street and Beverly Street. In the last photo you can see the Community Auditorium in the distance. The new plaque has been there since May 1991 in a re-dedication ceremony in the 75th anniversary of the Rotary Club. The new plaque explains why the trees were all removed but with no thought of re-planting them. We still, however don't know the whereabouts of the original sign.
Thanks to a recent article in our newspaper by Tory Tronrud, we at least know where the new sign is. Click on photos to enlarge!


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