Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Fort William or Port Arthur, but.........

Just had to show you these four very incredible photos from my friends at The famous Woodward Ave. Cruise that takes place in Detroit every year may have looked like this top left photo in 1917. What a busy place with the street cars, automobiles and the people milling about, let alone the variety of signage everywhere. The next photo of the Hendrick Motor Company was taken in Takoma Park, Maryland in 1928 and shows the wonderful graphic art signage that was used then. The last two photos were taken in 1926 showing the McReynolds and Sons Garage in Washington D.C.. The beautiful Ford model "T's" are shown near the end of their glory years, as the Model "A" would begin its debut in 1928(my current hot rod is a 1928 Ford). The interesting thing in the last photo is that they are painting the cars without any protective breathing apparatus whatsoever(what do you think of that Shaun?...sorry...inside joke!)....and as Henry(Ford) said that your lungs can be any colour you want as long as they are BLACK!
The pressure canister beside the middle car would hold much more paint than just a spray it would be non-stop painting. That pressure canister was still around in the 1950's, as I used one during one of my spring breaks to paint the rafters and beams in the Kam Motors body shop, with a mask on my face of course. It was great to have that extra dough to save up for my first set of wheels in those days. Note that none of these photos make reference to any NASCAR families. Be sure to click, and click again on these incredible photos to enlarge them to BIG. Thanks again "Shorpy".

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