Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Television Specials to Remember.....

Here's the famous test pattern I remember on CFCJ Television in Fort William and Port Arthur back in the '50's and next is Dinah Shore at one of her Christmas specials...Remember? The Dinah Shore Chevy Show! Click here for a great old Chevy Commercial from the show on youtube.
Who can forget "A Charlie Brown" Christmas!
....and Frosty the Snowman!
....and the original Grinch!

We all loved to see the Bob Hope Christmas specials from all the combat posts around the world! The top right one was taken in Viet Nam!
This is "Carnac the Magnificent" on one of Johnny's Christmas shows....and next is Mister Magoo as Scrooge!

The Christmas Muppet Show.....and the Muppets on the ever so famous Ed Sullivan Show.....Oh how I miss Ed!
......and finally Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! I'm sure you remember them all.....enjoy!


Corey Cano said...

Hi Dave: Vicki & I own all the old Christmas specials,except for Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, on DVD. That one has been hard to find. Two more to add to your great list are The Little Drummer Boy(1968) & The Pink Panther: A Pink Christmas(1978). Do you remember the Pink Panthermobile designed by renowned car stylist Bob Resiner and used in the opening credits of the Pink Panther show? The show debuted Saturday mornings on NBC @ 9:30am in Sept. 1969. I'll show you an awesome picture of it next time I see you.

Dave said...

Couldn't get a large enough photo of The Little Drummer Boy...I remember how much you liked that one and I totally forgot about The Pink Panther one....How did you like the authentic CFCJ test pattern?