Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Times Journal, Fort William,Ontario...with a cool Model "T" Ford in front!

The Times Journal building and original business was owned by T.W. Rutledge and Dave Smith and located here at 115 North May Street. In November 1899 the company purchased the presses and assets of the recently defunct Fort William Journal and combined the two papers together known as "The Daily Times-Journal". In 1906 a new building was constructed on the original site in the Queen Anne Style. The new building was two storeys high, and the front was originally rented to J. W. Crooks & Co. for a drug store and in later years was a series of cafes called the T&H, Palace, Boulevard and Superior. The Times-Journal business office was at the rear of the building with entry from the lane and the second floor was the editorial office, typecasting machines and the book and job printing departments, with the large new presses being in the basement. This building housed the first power driven freight elevator in the entire city of Fort William. Later a more northerly addition was built and although owned by Superior Printing for years was not occupied by newspaper staff until 1960.
In 1972 the Times-Journal and News-Chronicle amalgamated(two years after the two cities did), and the operation became one at the Port Arthur ward plant. After 73 years as a printing establishment the building was converted to an office block replacing the entire facade with a stone commercial design featuring art deco design. The building now houses the popular "Victoria's Cupboard" featuring elegant home decor and gifts.

Here is an original paper bag in my collection as well as a front and inside copy of a Paper Boy's greeting to his customers for the Christmas season.

The following is an example of how the paper looked in the beginning(not too clear...sorry) and also some of the incredible headlines that were printed there. I was a paper boy for the Times-Journal in about 1952 and it was actually my first money making job. I remember that I had a small 20 paper route and made about $1.00 a week doing it....that money went a long way in those days, but you worked very hard for it.

Thanks for looking and be sure to click on each photo for a larger image.

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