Sunday, December 13, 2009

Old Family Christmas Trees and Fort William, Ontario...

The photo on the left is before I was born, about 1940. It is my uncle Henry sitting on my dad's Erskine(yes that is a car make) just after picking up a Christmas tree, and the one on the right is our whole family out in 1958 picking up a tree at Oliver Lake(we always went there). My mom and I standing, my little sister Daryle and baby brother Corey then my dad with the perpetual smoke in his mouth....but still around now in his 90th year....Wow! Oh yes, that's our '53 Chevy in the background.
These two photos were taken in 1949 at our new house on Arthur Street...a couple of my most favourite pictures....a very lucky kid indeed!

The lucky kid in the picture who is yours truly is holding this Mickey Mouse rubber toy....I remember it well, and wish I had it today as one of these in perfect condition sells for over $200. in the antique world. It was made by the Auburn Rubber Company in Auburn, Indiana.
The original company was called Double Fabric Tire Co and it made tires for the Auburn Automobile Co. In the 1920's the company changed its name to Auburn Rubber, phased out its production of tires and introduced new products such as shoe-soling sheets. In 1935 it began making rubber toys of all sorts. Most of the vehicles were 4 - 8 inches long and were cast in a variety of colours. During WWII the company made soles for combat boots and gaskets for "jerry cans". The company was finally sold in 1959 and moved its dies to New Mexico. The company's plant in Auburn, Indiana was acquired by the Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. Auburn Rubber went out of business in 1969.
The final two pictures here were taken before the family shot above and before my brother was born. With our '51 Chevy is my dad standing, then myself, my little sister and my Uncle Cyril. The photo on the right is my little sister again looking like a china doll and very uneasily eying our little Cocker Spaniel "Wendy"(the Peter Pan movie was hot at the time)sitting on my lap. We were very lucky kids. Sorry to bore you with family stuff but just wanted to add a few photos to tweak your own memories of all the great times you had as a kid around the Christmas Season.
Click on photos to enlarge. MERRY CHRISTMAS 2009


Corey Cano said...

Hi big brother: Thanks for the great family Christmas pictures of me and everyone. The one @ Oliver Lake Christmas 1958 made me understand the true meaning of Christmas all over again. Christmas is indeed family time. Love Corey

Anonymous said...

Love your Christmas tree. This just reminded me of the tree we had growing up. There were 6 of us in our family, (kids that is) and did not get much (gifts that is) but have a lot of family memories. We too got our tree from the bush behind our house but walked in deep snow to get it. My mom decorated the tree and my job was to undecorate each new years eve when mom and dad went out and I babysat. Thank you for the tree shot which allowed me to remember some good times.