Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some of "My Favourite Things".......

"Here are a few of my favourite things" pun intended....just a few internet items I thought were great and would add some interest to this Christmas-time blog post.  Scroll down to see all of them and also a few old toy commercials from the good ol' days.
Thanks to the fabulous art of Von Franco who was inspired by Big Daddy Roth, Von Dutch and Robert Williams.
Wouldn't any gearhead kid go nuts to recieve any of these toy cars under the tree.........including me!!
Now this isn't me, my brother or anyone else I know....The picture is from my friends at and shows that incredible MARX service station that I got when I was about 7 years old....and have treasured it ever since as my most favourite toy I ever received next to my Red Ryder BB Gun(Don't shoot your eye out).
I just remember the spray snow that took forever to get off the windows after Christmas!!

The First Rockefeller Center tree and how it looks on photos to enlarge.

You have to love this one....I never had one but a few of my buddies did later on.  I just remember destroying by 1950's baseball cards by clipping them to my bicycle forks with a clothes pin to make that great "motor" sound.

This Tommy Gun and 45 Snub Nose sure looked real in its day......Hey Kid...Don't point those guns at a cop out your dad's car window......LOL

Click on all photos to enlarge them.....MORE OF "MY FAVOURITE THINGS" TO COME!

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